5cense dubble-bassin The Horse's Mouth down Pennsylvania Ave (+ Texas + Kentucky too boot)


05 Mar 2020> Now dat weve finished Textiloma, ketching up on reading, specially seeing as our liebury boox is emptying faster than we can keep her filled... hear are Σum books weve ½-red in the past month that we're Ok but not keepers, so going out in the boox: The Ghost Writer by Philip Roth, The Carrying by Ada Limón + Mistaking Each Other for Ghosts by Lawrence Raab, ∀ll books we found in liebury booxes or maybe that our bedder-½ picked up + all perty typical/mainstream for our tastes (tho we dug the Limón the most, even tho we're dislexic when it comes to poetree).

7 Mar 2020> Met Nat Baldwin for Mexican up in Takoma then went to his performance @ Rhizome, same funky place where Calamari/T-Sky had a reading @ AWP DC 3 yrs ago... guess that was the day Calamari truly wint archival + dropped off the face of the map, if we hadn't before dat, Nat's being the last book (b-sides our one) dat we published. And now AWP is going on as we speak in San Antonio... what a nightmare w/ this whole Corona virus thing, they shd of cancelled it but no way AWP wd absorb that hit, they way too greedy. Our bedder-½ has cancelled all her travel in the next few months, so no Germany, which takes the pressure off finishing Textiloma, which we got proofs for... we wasn't sure if we'd just wing it + let the typos stand (since it's riddled w/ typos anyway, who'd notiss?) but the cover is an old version that we'd fixed in the photoshop version (of just the front) but forgot to update the master InDesign file, so well, since we got to pay that fee to make changes we may as well go thru it ∀ll once more. We never even printed it out before, just proofed it on screen + we had just burned out staring out at a screen, so now (with a few days of not looking at it +) now reading thru it, we're notissing stuff. And ain't no hurry now w/ our Germany trip off. This whole Corona thing is a good time for el mundo to reset, CO2 emissions down cuz nobody is flying + seems ok the stock market took a hit cuz it was probly way inflated before. Just like 9/11 tho, things will dip + every 1 became more civilized + vigilant for like a week or 2 + then it went back to business as usual w/ nenewed vigor. ∀ll these people that can't travel or halve to work from home are secretly loving it, like a staycation for every 1.

Nat playing the dubble-bass as s/he was meant to be played

8 Mar 2020> Posted episode 8 (The Horse's Mouth) of Textiloma. And that's about how far we are reading thru the proofs again.

09 Mar 2020> Decided to do Pennsylvania Ave, no pertickler reason just a nice day for a walk...

Strait thru the heart of DC unfortunately passing the white house, doing our best to steer clear of tourists, thru our old stomping grounds in Capitol Hill across the bridge into Anacostia + then looped on Texas Ave SE (an unplanned bonus!) to the little section of Mass Ave SE so when we get around to the longest Mass Ave at least we won't have to do that little section. Don't have much to say about Pennsylvania, except supposedly we got antsisters from them parts dating back from way back when, but haven't spent too much time in. And same w/ Texas, mostly we just know driving thru + maybe a few nights in San Antonio + Austin + i guess we used to go climbing in Hueco Tanks down near El Paso (journals we have yet to transcribe). When we got back across to Capitol Hill we veered up Kentucky, which we got absolutely no experience with, not even sure we've driven thru. Had a bit of luck w/ little liebury boxes, some Virginia Woolf book, but not great.

World Bank


homeless on Pennsylvania ave


church turned Nation of Islam

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