5cense Calamari state of the arkhive: retreating further into dormancy to weather the new world order


23 Mar 2020> Dear Inurnet, we closed on our casa a year ago today. What a nightmare to think if this C-19 stuff went down last year at this time, when we were flying back + forth from Italy in the process of moving back. Guess we gotta consider ourself lucky all this ain't bin too too much of a disruption for us, a lot of folks lives are completely upended. This ain't temporary neither, there'll be a global shift in our economies, in our social order, everything ... + imagine if this happend before Inurnet? At least we can get stuff online + watch movies, listen to music, etc.

Even tho they extended the tax deadline we did our taxes today cuz we're getting a refund (since we still lived in Rome the first 3 months of 2019). Here's our annual Calamari Archive "economy of words" Σummary:

Weave fallen further into quiescense to the point where we din't print a single book last year, so we're still riding on inventory at SPD (who will hopefully weather this plague... they had to downsize their staff per California shelter-in-place restrictions). Even before ∀ll this COVID stuff we've bin pondering the viability of dead-tree-based books. Our last 2 titles of have been digital music releases, which requires very little upfront costs, basically $20/yr a year to DistroKid to get it up in Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. The fact that we haven't sold a single album don't matter long as it's available to stream + it was no skin off our chicken. At least we ain't stuck w/ a closet fool of albums or books, or have distributors + vendors sending us unsold chargebacks. We printed up copies of Textiloma (at the printer as we speak, due to be shipped any day, as long as they (bookmobile) aren't effected by by this lockdown) for selfish reasons, mostly just to give out free, doubt we'll actually sell any (especially since it's freely available as PDF). Going farword we wonder if dat model makes mo cense, to only publish dbook PDFs or as HTML? Open-source + free, as art + information shd be.

24 Mar> Besides food, what folks need more than anything rite now in self-isolation is entertainment in the comfort of their homes—streaming movies + music online (online stations like KEXP are great to have right now) + books, sumping b-sides the daily news. It's for this reason we decided to put the entire Calamari catalog online in digital format... many of Calamari's titles were already available free as PDF downloads, but we've been getting permissions from respective authors to make them all available. And as always, for those in the D.C. area, we keep our liebury boox well-stocked w/ Calamari + other (real) books. Enjoy.

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