5cense Toilet tissue volcanoes of sogni + ndoto (2006–2010) where father is an astronaut in the wolf house


[7 April 2020> Still under home-bound self-isolation so we'll keep logging old dreams... these from 2006-2010, living in various places in NYC, Nairobi + Rome...]

January 23, 2005 – NY, NY (Thompson St. in the West Village)
I was in a foreign town, maybe in Japan, or maybe Guatemala. I was there for half-work half-pleasure. I had just been there the weekend before and discovered my mother was living there in some bungalow. She came out to hug me and was the size of a baby, shorter than my knee, so she was hugging my shin. The previous time I was staying and working at a casino. This time I came back with Jess and we were climbing up this volcano. When we got to the top I noticed some fumaroles and steam. Then the ground started shaking. Jess looked to the other side and saw another volcano, Mt. Lassen, that was erupting. It was so beautiful, we just stood there mesmerized by the lava flowing down the mountain and crystallizing in brilliant colors and flashes as it poured into a lake. Then I noticed the lake was rising, and as the rate the lake was rising we had less than a minute to get off our mountain, that was blocking the lake. We started running and trying to warn others who were oblivious. We made it down the village and tried to warn my mother. She was at a kiosk and had all these drugs laid out in front of her and said she was pregnant. I asked if she knew who the sperm donor was and she looked at me like I was ridiculous. She was on this normally complicated regiment of fertility drugs (she was 65 after all) and was in walkie-talkie contact with her doctor. Her sole purpose was procreation.

January 26, 2006 – NY, NY (Essex St., Lower East Side)
I had a piece of music that I had made before, an experimental collage of noise. I wanted to put some vocals over it and just had some scribbled notes of lyrics, random words. There was a Chinese gong I was punctuating notes with. The soundtrack was for a movie I hadn’t yet filmed yet. But I had an idea of what I wanted it to be. There was this lake in a cave where the roof of the cave was flat and just above the surface of the lake. I wanted to float on my back and drift and film the surface textures of the roof cave. When I got to the lake, somebody had taken my Zodiac. There were other people in boats, and zodiacs, but none were mine. A bunch of people were clustered fishing in one spot, and all the birds were clustered around them. I went on this boat to see if it was mine, but it was like this old trashy trailer. As I was trying to get off, Tim Robbins and his fiancée (who wasn’t Susan Sarandon, but a little pixie) were getting on. I helped Tim Robbins on the boat. He just let me pick him up. I made a comment about how I didn’t have as much trouble as the crocodile guy (I had just seen him a few days before on the crocodile guy and the crocodile guy was trying to lift him onto a boat and fell over and it was a huge fiasco). Tim Robbins had no idea what I was talking about, but his wife did. She reminded him, “remember after the movie awards we went to Australia.”
     “Australia? that was in Australia?”They were going to get married. The boat had departed so now I was stuck on the boat with them.

July 14, 2006 – New York, NY (7th St. East Village)
“Picking up where I left off” …. I was in a Mexican village. I noticed this parade going on but ignored it til it went past. I went to catch up, following it through narrow jaded alleys. David and Leslie and Annika were there. David was taking pictures. I had to climb past Leslie and jump off this wall because she was blocking the ladder. I wanted to get an aerial shot, but David was in that spot already so I climbed down and ended up in the hull of a ship, which provided some great views at water level with floating debris in the foreground. There were pirates or smugglers in the ship and people started yelling, like they were looking for me, so I bailed out this hole in the side. They were still searching for someone and rammed the boat violently against the shore and the boat exploded. These provided for the shots I was after, the way the boat was flash-burning in the aqua-marine waves was breath-taking. I was trying to adjust my digital camera and took one picture but then tried to turn off the flash, and the boat stopped burning. Kind of hanging out in the aftermath, with these two kids snorkeling around. It occurred to me that they never found the body they were after so we started looking. They found it for a second but when they lifted up their hands had handfuls of stinging tentacles. We’d have to wait a few days for the body to bloat and float to find it.

July 20, 2006 – NYC (7th st. East Village.)[probly around the time we were in housing court w/ our slumlord]
Our landlord was a fat African-American woman. All us tenants were lounging around out in a yard. We all had our gripes with the building. Some with more of a history than others. Our landlord showed up as if to resolve, to make amends. She announced that there was a vacancy and described the apartment to sell us on it. People were annoyed, yelling, but what about our apartments? The ones we live in? She was very theatrical, said, wait, that’s not all. That crack whore in 7B, she’s gone, so that frees up that apartment, a nice 2-bedroom with lots of light. Some woman in back, also large and black with a big afro and a white smock on sitting in a barber chair getting her hair cut (outside) yelled, “Liar!” Our landlord kept talking, but the woman in the barber chair interrupted again, “she was a woman, her name was Barbara, she worked…” telling all her personal attributes. Our landlord got off her soapbox and sat down face to face with the woman getting her hair cut. It was hot. They were both very large and black and sweaty. The woman getting her hair cut reached for a glass of water. They both commented about how hot it was and shook their heads.

Sept 6, 2006 – New York, NY (7th St.)
A vivid dream about rising oceans, undulating, big waves sweeping up over the shore walls and in the city we lived in, engulfing, dark, cold waters.

Sept 14, 2006 – New York, NY (7th St.)
We went on a tour of outer space. It was a pretty run of the mill tour, something I’d done, or most everyone had done in grade school. We got to the docking station and everything was very 70s, formica and plastic, and it was all hokey like a carnival ride. We had to pass through some chambers, tight fit. Out the window I could see this strange greenish thing that looked like a magnet with mold all over it. The ship we were in started hovering dangerously close to it. But somebody was driving the craft and pulled away. It was actually my dad. This is where he’d been this whole time doing experiments. As we pulled away, I could see the green objects were discarded tractors, all wired together in a semicircle. Stuff was growing on them and they were all janky. This is what my dad was studying. We never actually saw my dad. We hovered around and saw more accumulations of space debris. I wondered if we were near the moon, as it seemed we needed some sort of reference, some sort of object to identify with this “place”. Otherwise it was stuff accumulating from nothing. But then again, this was how planets started. This could’ve been the beginning of a new planet.

above dream + 2 others from below as adapted (left column) by a.I. for Textiloma:

Nov. 4, 2006 – New York, NY (7th st, sleeping in living room to catch mouse)
I was invited to a Chinese wine tasting but then it was cancelled so we were left with nowhere to go. I say “we” because there was another guy but I’m not sure who it was and he was always behind me. He seemed liked another version of me following myself. I went to this hotel on the coast because I had already stayed there before and figured I could just grab a lawn chair and sleep in a alcove by the pool. But then we saw a bus that said it was going to the wine tasting. It was actually a Communist wine tasting, so said the driver, who was from mainland China and barely spoke English. Me and my other self got on the bus, the only ones. We were driving along the California coast, driving along, I didn’t pay attention for a second and next thing I know is the driver was driving on the water. The road had been covered. We yelled at him, but he didn’t seem too perplexed. He found the road and got back on it. He told us the wine tasting had been cancelled. We said it wasn’t worth it to continue on then, and may as well just go back to the hotel. But he said he had to “log his hours”. We drove up this steep road, so steep the bus tipped over. We watched the bus slide towards this cliff. I clung to a tree and my other me clung to me. The driver slipped and fell off the cliff and we were somewhat relieved as we didn’t like this guy and thought he deserved it for being so reckless. The bus slid over after him. We thought surely he was dead and felt bad for wishing such a fate on him. But he surfaced and swam to shore and then we had wished he hadn’t.

Jan 18, 2007 – New York, NY (7th st)
I was rappelling down the side of this face that was from some movie studio. I was swinging around it, and swung all the way around the corner, kept swinging and soaring through the air in a seemingly endless expanse, eventually to these mountains and slammed against these cliffs. I had been here before in my climbing days, these black basalt cliffs, not vertical but 5th class, so I was glad to have the rope to help pull me up. I wasn’t about to let go of it. I came across this cabin, some loner guy was in there. Jess was with me at this point. He had 4 wolf puppies that I was petting but he wasn’t saying anything so I took it as our cue to leave. But Jess started trying to make conversation with him. He said he hadn’t talked to anyone in months. I suspected he was a criminal and hiding out up here. It didn’t seem healthy to hide out up here and hang out in a cabin. I was standing in the doorway when what I thought was a big black dog came waltzing in. I reached down and was petting him while we were talking. Ended up it was a big bear. Once I realized it, I tried to shoe him out. This guy or someone else was trying to show us the way out. We all three went into the outhouse, and we were going in some secret way to get rid of the bear. The guy opened the lid of the toilet and jumped in. It was like 30 feet down and he made a splash. But he didn’t instruct us what to do. I couldn’t see down. If I jumped I was afraid I would hit him. And I didn’t know if it was water or sewage. We called out but he didn’t answer, so we just had to figure it out on our own.

May 1, 2007 – New York, NY (74th St. (Upper West Side)
We lived in some farmstead. One or two other people besides Jess and I. A bear came along and chased us back to the house. We tried to scare him away and barricade the door, but he forced his way in and we ran out the backdoor. So then he had full reign of the house. We tried to lure him out the backdoor but he was more interested in pillaging the house. I was going to use myself as human bait and outrun him while Jess and the others snuck back in. Then it was like he was gone but we weren’t sure and were hesitant to return. When I ventured in I saw a dark wolf. It looked scary but I could pet him. There were 8 or so other wolves living in the house. They had “purified” the house, as we knew their presence meant the bear wasn’t there anymore.

October 2, 2007 – New York, NY (74th St.)
I was “working” at some house, the people that lived there were clients I wasn’t doing much, I was with a guy that knew what he was doing, was the responsible one. We were out by the pool and had to wade in, and I decided why not just take a swim. My boss was kind of annoyed but the two women who owned the house were enjoying my presence. As I was getting out I noticed two porcelain birds in a little nook. I guessed that this species was unique to this house. We went inside to change out of our wet clothes (my boss eventually went in to not feel like the odd man out). The house was huge. I couldn’t believe I was in NYC. It had spas and patios, and game rooms and all sorts of strange rooms, but I couldn’t find a bathroom to wring out my wet shorts. I saw a pile of shirts that were laundered and they were the same shirts I had, but evidently they belonged to someone else that had B.O.

Two other dreams I’ve written down recently, with no date, probably August or September, 2007:

I ran into a guy that looked liked my brother but didn’t speak English. (that’s all I wrote)

(another one, hard to decipher:) Go up WTC, first with high tech modern, high security. 2nd no security, climbing, elevator was ride by accident.

October 2, 2007 – New York, NY (74th St.)
At some sort of Soccer Stadium complex, in a country like Mexico. I was with Kevin. There were multiple games going on and skinheads. I checked the schedule and the teams were all media companies, like Comedy Central and BMG. The skinheads were dicks but I felt if I shaved my head I could infiltrate and disrupt them from the inside. At some point we all started dancing. The games were over and were leaving. Kevin had a car. He said he couldn’t believe he was dancing with his brother. I said I was doing it for the exercise. Rather than drive into the long line of cars leaving I pointed to a spot where he could drive through some bushes right on the freeway. I told him to pretend he didn’t speak Spanish if a cop came. We were going down into the town along the coast and the road suddenly turned into this steep hill like a rollercoaster. Kevin didn’t slow down and we flew down. I was rising above my seat. We flew by the customs guy laughing hysterically.

October 10, 2007 – NY, NY
I was in a manual elevator and there was no one to operate it. You had to stop it by hand, but had to get it just right in between the floors. Even then, there was nothing keeping the elevator in place while I tried to get the door open. I latched a hook to the floor and was hanging, suspended. Someone on the floor was trying to help me from the other side. We could hold the elevator in place, but it was another thing to actually get the elevator aligned, and get the door open to get out without having the elevator close on you or drop.

October 13, 2007 – NY, NY
(after seeing Control) I was Ian Curtis, though I was Ian Curtis hanging out with hippies down in Mexico. He/I was wondering why hippies liked him. This one hippie chick kept saying “police roll” so many times he/I ignored her, not that we were doing anything illegal, but people around us were. But one time he/I looked up and the ridgeline of the mountains (this was Axixic) was crawling with these tribal guys with spears and big elaborate headdresses. Like ants they wove their way down the mountain, and next thing we knew they were scaling the wall of our house. We retreated and he/I locked the gate but they still got it in. Ian became detached from me at this point and he realized they were in our head so he concentrated really hard to will them away and it worked.

October 18, 2007 – NY, NY
There were various dioramic scenes with animals. First, there were these “funnel-web rabbits”, white rabbits that lived in conical holes like funnel web spiders. Then I was petting some cheetah kittens that barked like hyenas. Then there these supposed ostriches that coiled into a ball and rolled and unraveled, thing is though when they unraveled they were really storks. This was all in an artist compound of some sort. I had collected a lot of artwork together into a magazine (chapbook style) and wanted to change the name of Sleepingfish to “Grupo Jul” or “Charro Jul” and thought it was a brilliant name at the time. I don’t know what Jul means.

January 26, 2008 – NY, NY
I was going back to our room somewhere. I had to climb up these cliffs that were made of stacked crates that had file folders. It was all precarious and I was thinking if it was scary for me, then how did they expect Jess to climb it? Rather than traverse around it, I was forced to climb to the top and once on top had nowhere to go. The top bent over so I had one foot on this roof top of a neighboring skyscraper apartment. If I jumped back on the tower I climbed my momentum would make me tumble so I got off on top of the apartment building. I needed to find the fire exit so I could get into the building to go back down. Jess called me on my cell and asked what I was doing up there. She must have seen me from the ground.

August 18, 2008 – Nairobi, Kenya
I was in this house as a guest. I was spilling stuff and self-conscious of making a mess. Next thing I know the floors are flooded. Looking up I’m somewhat relieved to see it coming from the ceiling as then it couldn’t possibly have been my fault. I went to report it to some maintenance workers, but they had their hands full shoveling sludge from a sewage spill. They acted like this sort of maintenance was constant. I was watching one particular worker that was trying to knock over a telephone pole. The pole dislodged and he was hanging from it as a crane was taking it away. Then his hand got stuck and he fell 25 feet. No one really took notice or cared. I went to see if he was okay and the guy was embedded in some sludge with a film of plastic over it so it was completely flat. I peeled back the plastic and he was in a immersion suit, immersed in a sludgy liquid. He was wearing a bubble helmet filled with liquid, when I removed it it was So Young. She was saying now that I removed the helmet I would need to be prepared to resuscitate her as she was used to breathing this “mylar” liquid and not air. I had no idea what she meant, but fortunately someone next to me did. Evidently she needed to be cut open along the spine in some procedure. We pulled So Young out of the liquid, but then she became possessed and came out with eyes wide, teeth gnashing and jutting out from her mouth like a demon, and frothing at the mouth. The medic that knew what he was doing said we were waiting too long. We flipped her over and I held her down over a table while he made the incision. I was holding her down with my crotch pressed against her naked ass and she had a hot body and wild orange hair, I was self-conscious of getting aroused. The guy said we needed to cover her with this salty mud so we were smearing her all over with mud and sludge. Evidently insulting her was also part of the procedure. She was insulting us back like a possessed demon, saying my farts stunk. The dogs barking woke me up.

August 19, 2008 – Nairobi, Kenya
I was squatting in some run-down tenement building. Somebody had warned me about our upstairs neighbor. I heard him walking down the stairs and then continue on, but his walking seemed to continue on but never got further away, like he was tricking me into thinking he walked by. I looked through the crack in my door and noticed door wasn’t locked. I went to lock it but this man opened the knob. He was a retired clown that was grotesque and obese. I had this stone axe that was his weapon of choice and started swing at him, injuring him with ease. He did not put up a fight. Parts of him were being knocked loose. I whacked his head and it came mostly off but he was still alive. I was hacking and hacking. I wasn’t angry, but was aggressive and conscious of my aggression and wondering where it was coming from as I didn’t feel angry towards this man or anything. It was mostly self-defense because I was afraid of him changing into something more demonic. We were going through this abandoned flat that used to be his workshop. He tried to escape through a trap door but I pushed him to the open edge and pushed him. Looking down, he had smashed into a puddle of liquid fat near an ice cream truck. At this point, some street urchin kid became my accomplice. I started picking up some stuff lying around, souvenirs, stamps, shreds of paper, kitchsy things that I was going to use for my next new art project. I realized the image of him puddle near the ice cream truck was a beautiful image, but when I went to take a picture, some sanitation workers had mopped him up, and the police were arriving. We tried to sneak out the back stairway, but one of the sanitation workers was coming up. He respectfully told me that the detectives wanted to talk to me. I knew it was self-defense, but I had collected a backpack full of his things as souvenirs. Jess and I were leaving the country the next day, so all I had to do was get through the day. I went out and our parents were all there, we were supposed to be having our going away party.

June 27, 2009 – NYC (13th & 8th (West Village))
I was fishing with the tip of my pinky finger off a very high bridge. Jess was with me. My pinky finger had black fingernail polish on it. I was missing a few other fingertips, it wasn’t that a big deal. I figured I may as well fish with them. So I put it on a hook on the end of a line and threw it off the bridge and held onto the other end. I got a bite and it was pulling down into the water. Then it was pulling into the air, up more and more. I assumed that a bird had eaten the fish that had eaten my fingertip. Then I recovered it, the tip of my finger that had been inside a fish. This is what I was after, I wasn’t too interested in catching a fish, it was more the idea of it. I threw it off the bridge again. It drifted towards a SCUBA diver. He saw it and brought it to the surface to examine. I let go of the line so it couldn’t be traced back to me.

June 21, 20010 – Rome
(our first days in via Scarpetta I was dreaming nightly but didn't write them down)
"You see the urchins? that's how they live in Rome," Jess Said, though in the dream they were mallard ducks and she meant Spain.

June 22, 2010 – Rome
Gladiator-Roman soldier types were next to us at a touristy spot reading history off a plaque so they could do their jobs (be fake gladiators). One of them had a tortilla maker. problem was he fried the dough first then put it in the tortilla maker. J was trying to explain to him you need to compress dough first then cook but he didn't understand. I didn't even bother to explain. J told me later that she smoked pot at work and everything was beautiful.

June 23, 2010 – Rome
We (Todd S & some other guy?) walked into some bar where they would take you up on a stage and use you as a mannequin & strap underwear on you. I was reluctant to do it & people thought me prude. At some other point j was driving us up a steep hillside in a 4wd.

July 4, 2010 – Rome
A meteor or unidentified object came crashing through the roof of a giant stadium, leaving in it's wake a mysterious humm. Then i saw the replay actually witnessing how it crashed through, and ended up it was a piece of china that broke everything around it, but it was intact and resonating. People were gathered saying it was like Elvis Costello's "Super String" project where you touched a giant string & it let out a massive & sustained twang. Ends up Elvis Costello was a contemporary artist, the first in fact to put an image on a tissue paper.

July 9, 2010 – Rome
I must've killed someone. Someone else was looking for me. I snuck around these ruins complex and got away. These kids saw me, somehow they could tell it was me by the fountain of water sprouting from my forehead. I jumped on a motorcycle and got away. But a flea or hair recognized me or the coat i was wearing in the mirror on TV & was somehow still attached to me or monitoring me but i'm not sure what that meant.

July 2, 2010 – Rome
I was in this swirling falling text of an endless archive of confusion that was so confusion it became common knowledge.

July 14, 2010 — Rome
I felt a thick hair growing on the tip of my tongue. when i went to pluck it i discovered it was woody seedling taking root and i didn't pull it out by the roots.

July 26, 2010 – Rome
I was in the army. We were commanded to write lists of words on our clothes, words that came to mind when we thought of certain things like "bakery". Then we went into a Chinese restaurant knowing full well there'd be an earthquake and the structure would almost collapse, i guess to experience what it would be like to be in a disaster. We were reliving an event that already happened. We were eating our food when the building started to collapse around us, but we felt safe knowing we'd get at, but i was trying to get the last bite in. Later I was on parole. I was out on vacation somewhere and my parole officer called and told me to put a dab of paste on my tongue (this was the procedure to determine if i had violated my parole). I was asked if it tasted healthy or nostalgia.

July 28 2010 – Rome
I dreamt a slew of italian words but didn't understand the meaning of any of them.

Aug 28 2010 – Rome
Animals were being given equal rights. It started with horses on a trial basis. They walked around free in our society.

Oct. 11, 2010 – Rome
On a cruise, though the boat felt more like a submarine. We took turns in the cabin, i went first and fell asleep while Jess was on the deck of another ship on the surface. There was a cat in our bunk that was not ours. I was trying to get the light on so we could switch places. The country of Italy (as an idea) was also on board as a passenger. The boat itself was part of the shipping inventory. The boat was the only one but we managed to get external shots of the boat, so i knew it couldn't be true, that there had to be another boat.

Oct. 14, 2010 – Rome
I was engaged in some sort of indoor motor-cross on these scooters. We wore special boots and had special bikes, which i didn't have but some woman let me use it, but i was trying to put the boots on and ends up they were pillows. A lot of the guys were really fat and looked ridiculous on the bikes, as they navigated narrow hallways and stairwells in malls and indoor office buildings. Then I was in some conference with free food. They made me do simple math problems at the chalkboard, which was white, and i had white chalk, so you couldn't see, so they switched to colored chalk but it was all soggy and crumbly. I knew how to solve it, but the chalk wasn't working and nobody could understand my handwriting, and they kept changing the numbers and parameters of the equation, giving my shit, telling me i was wrong. One person had an old Studebaker like car, and was accused of being a gypsy for having it. I remember thinking if it was me and i had the car, i would've let roosters roost in it, that the car was perfect for it.

Oct. 20, 2010 – Rome
I was negotiating the release of Jewish hostages with Yassir Arafat and this old Jewish guy. When the old Jew turned his back, Arafat threw a knife that went right in his back. The old man collapsed in my arms. I started to take the knife out, but blood was gushing out so i left it in. Around the wound there was pus. I said, "You're an evil man, Yassir Arafat." There was blood everywhere, getting all over me. The old Jew was slumped over in my lap, dead. I started crying, i think more because i was freaked out about all the blood. Some of his relatives joined me and hugged me and the dead old man.

Nov. 22, 2010 – Rome
Was in some sort of class, people were asking me about my art. Kevin was in the class. It's weird that not once when Kevin is in my dreams does it occur to me he is dead. Like to say, how can you be here, you're dead? I was describing my frottage technique, and Kevin said he's used it before, on some painting. Then I was up in this tall rain forest canopy tree or cliff top. There was a spectacular drop-off and Jess just walked up the edge and jumped off. I was freaking out not sure what happened. But then i looked down and two guys were helping her out of the parachute or whatever contraption she used that enable her to jump. Evidently it was something she had arranged in advance, and I hadn't so i was clambering around trying to figure out how to get down.

Nov. 25, 2010 – Rome
I was being interviewed or had a reading in some weird outdoor space of some podunk town. This Japanese woman was sort of interviewing me, but there was the public part and the private part, and she hadn't turned the lights on yet for the public part and I had to go to the bathroom, which was through a cyclone fence around some apparently abandoned building. The urinal was facing towards this window and as I started to pee I noticed some freaky woman looking back at me, and when she noticed I noticed her, she started screaming, but I was like why would they put a urinal facing her window. So I went to the toilet which was facing the other direction, and I was standing there the woman's husband was coming through the gate and she was signaling him, it was like I had eyes in the back of my head and could see what they were doing. He was dipping a rag in ether which he was going to hold in my face to knock me out and then they were going to rob me. Their son was also in the yard at this point. I started yelling to bring attention to them. They started walking back into their house like they weren’t going to do anything, but i didn't want them to get away with it. I tried to go back through the gate but he had put a lock on it. I climbed over the fence and was yelling for the police. Eventually they came and arrested the kid and asked if I wanted to press charges and I said yes, that the kid was in on it and should learn a lesson from it. People were acting sympathetic like the kid didn't deserve to get punished but I didn't care. Then I was being chased, but it was more like I was watching this other guy being chased. He kept changing his clothes and trying to fit into the crowd, doing weird movements, nothing abrupt, not running, taking off his clothes, doing things that you'd never expect.

Nov. 30, 2010 – Rome
Even though I hate cruise ships (or at least the idea of them), we were on a cruise. There were elephants swim/walking on just their back legs behind us and their front legs on the stern, and there trunks were reaching out to grab whatever we'd feed them. I was giving them peanuts. It was night. Our "families" were on the cruise ship with us, Kimi was there with her lesbian friends and they were all kissing in front of me. Some were lesbians, but there was some rule if you kissed someone on the lips straight on so your noses touched then that didn't mean anything, even if mouths were open french-kissing. It only meant something if mouths were skewed at an angle relative to one another. I was feeling claustrophobic and wanted to jump in the water, but I wasn't sure if I could swim as fast as the boat and didn't know how far we were from land, mostly i didn't want other people to worry about me and necessitate some rescue operation. There was some girl there holding a large scorpion. I asked her if the scorpions "here" (as if this was a foreign country) were poisonous and nobody knew, but the girl apparently had been stung and was dazed as if she was drugged. She just let the scorpion go and nobody cared, but i wanted to kill it. I chased it with a stick but it ran into a pile of debris and started burrowing into a yam/tuber. It was digging really fast with all it's legs and chunks of yam flesh were spitting out of it. I at least wanted to see the scorpion to verify what it was, so i kept trying to get an angle on it where I could see. Jess was trying to get photos of it with her telephoto. I became obsessed, as if I knew I was looking into something deeper than just the scorpion, but the heart of nature. It was rustling and scraping and making a bunch of noise, with stuff flying out of it. I finally got a brief glimpse of it, and what it was was the scorpion holding up a cut-out image of Fela Kuti, who was holding a firehose that was spraying at us so we couldn't see. Apparently the scorpion didn't want us to see it's true identity. I was trying to tell people around us what I saw, that it was Fela Kuti holding a firehose, but no one believed me. I asked Jess if she got a picture, but she was being quiet. She whispered that she did, but not to make a fuss. I wanted to see it, but she said one of the rules on the cruise ship was that whatever art you made on the cruise ship became the property of the cruise ship. And this photo of the scorpion holding up a cut out of Fela Kuti with a firehose would be considered art. But the fact that it was a digital camera got us off the hook—as long as we didn't look at it until after we got off the ship! I looked over the side and saw land, so I grabbed a mask and dove off the side of the ship. From underwater I watched the cruise ship maneuver into port, whatever direction i swam in to dodge the propellor i seemed to be getting in the way. I thought I would get arrested for jumping ship, but no one seemed to care. I swam ashore and waited for the ship to unload.

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