5cense Eating pozole w/ no shirt on under surveillance w/ unidentified carbone-based chirping driving us loco


27 Apri 2020> We were in a hotel in Chile about to go out when we were told we needid to return our room, but not told why, just that the government had ordered it. So we went back + abided like we were told. It got dark + late so we went to bed, wondering if they’d ever come. As we were sleeping we saw the curtains to our outdoor patio close (we left the sliding door wide open), but no 1 knocked or said nothing, so we just assumed dat meant they were letting us know they were there surveilling or guarding us. We got up the next morning + purposely made noise so they'd know we were up but no 1 came so we peeked out + way off to the side these 3 guys in plain clothes were chilling out in an open air jeep (unmarked). 1 of them motioned for us to come over. They acted casual like we was old friends, but wouldn’t tell us what was going on. We asked why we were detained + the undercover agent just mumbled sumping about how we’d crossed back + forth from Argentina to Chile 3 times in the last decade. We aksed if dat was a lot, said we din’t think dat was out of the ordinary. We said the only reason we came to Chile 3 times was cuz our bother lived just across the border in San Martin de Los—but they agent interrupted us before we could even finish our sentence + said “San Martin de los Andes” exactly as we had pronounced it (except in an exaggerated Spanish accent), acting like we had mispronounced it. We looked at him like what the fuck + he said “just saying…” We assumed they knew everything about us so there was no point in even talking so we just kind of sat there in silence, sitting in the backseat of their jeep w/ them. At sum point they went over our future travel plans, where we had planned to go next + we said “we decided to just cancel our trip cuz this of all this bullshit.”
         The agent rolled his eyes like we were being mellowdramatic, “there’s no need for that.”
         “So are we free to go?”
         He said “yah, u were always free to go.” But they were still loitering around surveilling us + we were thinking what a waste of money it was, to have these 3 guys follow us around everywhere we went + was thinking how unsustainable it was that for every 1 person u had to have at least 1 person surveilling + who was surveilling them?

28 April> We went into a restraunt + there were dozens of sweaty young kids with their shirts off. Apparently the restraunt’s policy was "no sweaty shirts," so this team of athletes that had just worked out found a loophole by just taking off their shirts. We were sposed to meet someone there to eat but needless to say we lost our apetit.

Speaking of apetit, we made pozole last night, so as an addendum to our COVID cooking post, we'll inkloot a recipe. Pozole is 1 of our all-time favorite foods that has a special place in our heart. As we pointed out in in chapter 2 of thriver meme (our new online cerealized project we hope to get back to soon) 1 of our 1st memaries was eating pozole from a blue speckled spoon when we was 2 or 3 years old. This was in Jalisco, whose pozole is quite diffrent than the New Mexico variety, or variations in other states of Mexico (who of course all claim to have invented or perfected it). It all starts w/ the broth, witch in most all the traditional varieties involves pig's feet (or sum other porky part), but as Samuel L said we "just don't dig on swine". We made bbq jerk chicken again a few days ago so boiled those bones down w/ whatever else. In another pot dice up sum green chilis (we get ours online from the Hatch Chile store + we get the Sandia (hottest) variety (+ they ship them on carbone dioxide, so if u wanna kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone u can plan to make dry ice i scream before the CO2 evaporates)) + garlic + onions in another pot.

Then strain the broth into the pot (again our manic ultra-efficiency drives us to really wring it out to get every last drop + also have this coincide w/ garbage day (especially since all the restraunts are closed thus "Starving rats are resorting to war and cannibalism to survive coronavirus lockdown" (as NY Post puts it). Then all u got to do is add a big can of hominy (or 2 small cans) + we like to add a can of black beans. The fixings are another point of divergence depending on state... in New Mexico they don't add much, in Michoacan they like topping off w/ dried oregano + in Jalisco they put diced white onions, shredded cabbage, radish + a slice of lime (+ then hot sauce). We usually put arugula, scallions, cilantro, avocado + cheese... so spose really it's more like black bean/tortilla soup. Bone apetit!

We picked up our CSA today. Along w/ the usual stuff, this week's box had sweet potatos + fuji apples, which we never get (we're allergic to uncooked apples) so not sure what we'll do w/ them... maybe make apple pie, tho we prefer Granny Smiths when doing that. Or maybe apple sauce, inspired by our friend Naked Fowl who on our bi-weekly Zoom call last week told us peanut butter + apple sauce sandwiches are the best things since sliced bread.

taking back alleys on the way


taken by our bedder-½ since we didn't want to touch our phone w/ contaminated fingers after handling the CSA

29 April 2020> When we were going to bed last night we heard a mosquito wich (w/ our gimpy ear) sounded like a person wailing in the distance at 1st. It was driving us both crazy + w/ our busy, dark wallpaper impossible to spot the bugger so (after turning the lights on + hunting around the room in our underwear) we had to sleep w/ sheet covering our head (+ no, this ain't another Corona dream). Then at 4 a.m. we heard a chirping. We heard it yesterday periodically but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. It was coming from the smoke or carbone monoxide detector above our bed (the same 1 w/ the blinking light we stare at to gauge our Ménière's dizziness) + now it was chirping like once a minute, driving us bonkers. Our alarms run on AC current so we didn't think there was a battery to change, the only reason we could think it was chirping... unless there were high levels of CO? So we opened the windows even tho it's freezing out (this April feels colder than February was) + went down to get a step-ladder + removed the alarm + put it in the other room under 2 pillows where it continued to chirp even tho we had unplugged it from AC power + took out the battery. We tried to go back to sleep thinking perhaps this was related to the mosquito cuz they detect our carbone die-oxide or maybe we was being poisoned by COVID-19 + how wd we know if it was carbone mon-oxide since it was odorless + then we got to thinking about our father + how breathing CO seemed not such a bad way to go. Last night we watched the final episode of the Waco Netflix series + that doesn't seem like such a good way to go, being gassed + burned alive... not that we're that sympathetic, our collective gene pool won't miss those Koresh kids much. Needless to say we didn't get back to sleep so we got up + bot sum batteries + are now posting this post. Bone apetit.

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