5cense Tribal dreams of abandonment/persecution along MA + LA aves


20 May 2020> Similar to our dream from a few nights ago (+ elsetime in the past), we we're running around trying to find our "group" who ran off ahead, this time thru some museum complex into a movie theatre. We didn't know many people in the group except our bedder-½ + walking into the theatre we couldn't see so well + others in the movie were annoyed at us squinting back at them, they thought we was just looking for an available seat + pointed to an open area which didn't have seats actually but u laid down on the floor in beanbags... but we couldn't get comfortable cuz what if the members of our tribe didn't go into this theatre? Also, when they ran off ahead we thought we saw one of them leave a bag behind so we grabbed it + now we was thinking if it wasn't them then we stole a bag + people might be after us for stealing this bag, so we went from being abandoned to being persecuted. So we left the theatre + looked around more + then it occurred to us we could just use our phone, this was 2020, we weren't in the 80s or 90s! But we were having a hard time using our phone, actually we were having a hard time doing anything, just getting up off the floor, it was like gravity was all fucked up. People were laughing at us like we were drunk even though we weren't.

In our bedder-½'s dream she tells us we were in the business of buying + selling babies.

21 May> It's been almost a month since we went on our last Microsmic DC walk + a few weeks since we've even gone outside (besides hanging outside on our stoop, roof our backyard)... not just cuz of COVID, but cuz of our allergies + also cuz our heal is taking forever to heel. Since we haven't walked or ran for a month, walking 10+ miles wore us out a bit. We'd been saving Lousiana Ave and Maryland to do on some day when we were coming back from the Baltimore, since they run near Union Station, but since it's doubtful we will be going on a train anytime soon figured we'd knock those off. Maryland Ave SW runs just a few blocks south of the mall thru Enant Plaza, which is still somewhat abandoned (the rest of town seems to be returning to a semi-normal state). Lousiana Ave NW/NE is a also only a few blocks strip running into Union Station. Then we went back down towards the mall to pick back up on Maryland Ave NE which runs up through Capitol Hill to H street where we saw all the smashed in storefronts from the looting a few weeks ago. Not much to write home about with either street, except that it's a strange new world we live in now. The state of Lousiana we don't have that much experience with except passing thru + going to New Orleans a few times. Our experience with Maryland is mostly going to Baltimore and the areas around DC.

21 May 2020 route du jour


Isabel La Catolica


reflection pond w/ not a soul reflecting


bureau of engraving


Enfant Plaza



Native American Museum


Union Station w/ no taxis


Logan Circle

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