5cense 2520 soft zen iterations zeroing in on i point zero (i.0) by a.I.


7 July 2020> a few posts ago we was tocking about how we was gunna make a 1-of-a-kind book objet steeped in 4ier X-forms from repsychled mattereals as a sorta tXt/img counterpart to thriver meme... well, b4 we even get 2 4ier X-forms we was thinking we need 2 1st address the #s 3, 2 + 1... + then what about 0? ∴ (so, or errorgo) now we're going thru tXts + images w/ the IDea of zer0 in mined... brain-storming on the holey #-less #, the absence of IT ∀ll. current thinking is wheel call this book objet i.0 (i.e. «i point zer0»). writing this post will help us rap our mined around the concept of zer0 + devilip a strategy for i.0, as authored by a.I.

> in addition to repyschling found tXts + books, wheel come fool circle + self-cannonballize Σum of our one (∵ (cuz) we got a surplus no body wants), in pertickler Ark Codex ± 0 ∵ it deals w/ the concept of zer0 + also The Becoming ∵ it's book 0 in the quadrilogy West of Kingdom Come (of wich thriver meme = the 3rd (#2). there's the visual look of 0, like a circle, a dot, a hole, the sun, anus, a corona, planit, the unholey IDea of null or void, the concept of absence wich our brother obSSESed over in "SSEY' before he hit rock bottum like Sisyphus (our father in Textiloma), rolling the round boulder up + down the sinusoidal hills + valleys.

« . » = a period, w/in the flashing cursor of thriver meme:

      > . |

> 0 = a point on a scale from wich a positive or negative quantity is wreckoned.

> 0 = nothing, but if u leave off a zer0 IT could be 900,000,000 (the Δiffrence between 100,000,000 + 1,000,000,000.

> 0 added to any # yields dat same #.

> as a digit, 0 is used as a placeholder in place value systems. dig it?

> 0 (°C) = point @ witch liquid turns to solid + vice-versa.

> 0 (°K) = «absolute zer0» = the pt. @ witch ∀ll molecular motion ceases to ∃xist (in theory... in practice, 0° Kelvin is unobtainable).

> in military terms, «0 hour» = the time of a planned operation.

> Elton John was high as a kite by «zer0 hour 9 a.m.»

> in linguistics, zer0 = «the absence of an actual word or morpheme to realize a syntactic or morphological phenomenon», i.e. «the zero plural in "three sheep."»

> 0 = love in tennis terms.

> 0 is pronounced «oh» in the context of telephone #s.

> the aintshint Greeks had no symbol for 0 + din't use a digit placeholder for IT.... they seamed unsure about the status of «zero» as a #..... the age old conundrum of how can nothing be something? witch came 1st the chickin or the egg (itself shaped like 0)?
> by 1770 B.C. the Egyptians had a symbol ( ) for zer0 in accounting tXts... also meant «beautiful» + was used to indicate the base level in drawings of tombs + pyramids + distances were measured relative to said beautiful base as being above or below this line.

> the concept of 0 was an integral part of Mayan numerals from early on, w/ an empty tortoise-shell shape used to depict IT:

> Incans also knew aobut zer0... in their Quipu knotting language IT was represented by the absence of a knot in the correosponding position.

> weave gone down the Fibbingnacho rabbit hole plenty in relation to his namesake #s + the golden rayshow (we did our math fhesis on the subject!) but Fibbingnacho (a.k.a. Leonardo de Pisa, who, despite the name, grew up in North Africa (where Arabs were well acquainted w/ 0)) is credited w/ introducing zer0 + the decimal system to the western whirled... «with these 9 figures + w/ the sign 0, any # can be written» wrote Fibbingnacho, tho for «sign 0» he used it as a sign to do operations like addition or multiplication, not nessysorrily a #.

> Hindus predate even Arabs in regards to the use of 0.

> we ain't just thinking about zer0 but ∀LL the #s, @ least the 1st 9 (10 if u count 0, wich we due) single-digit integers (tho really 1 shd only consider the prime #s 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 (4, 6, 8 + 9 are redundant factorizations), thinking we might make a book objet based on each 1 of these. in the zer0 hour we're planning 5 books of 20 double-sided sheets (40 pgs) for a total of 220 (counting boths sides of front + back covers, wich wheel make out of cardbored like our Casalingo series, but 8.5" x 5.5"), to be completed in 2020.

> IT occured to us on the spin bike dat 2520 is the smallest # divisible by ∀ll the integers1-9... leading us to think we shd call the overarching series (to be completed in 2020): 2520.

> there ∃xist n infinite # of #s but alphabetically there's onely 6 letters they start with: Z-O-T-F-S-E-N (wich can be rearranged to spell «zen soft» or «fez snot»). there ∃xist no anagrams u can make w/ the 1st 9 letters in english, nor in spanish, french or italian. if u inkloot Ten (instead of Zero) u can spell «OFFSET NEST» or «NEST OF TENS» (wich might also make a good title for the overall series of these books.

> in addition to paint by #s + connect the dots, weave also bin dwelling on jigsaw puzzles (as are many we imagine in these times of Corona virus), in fact last week we assembled a 1000 piece Gustav Klimt puzzle + after we was done we re-appropriated her into originull assemlage «art» to hang on our wall (w/ pieces of the same wallpaper it hangs in added to the mix):

> de todos modos, this post is just us brainstorming (w/ our holey SSES-OS) for this libro.... hear's Σum other concepts to inkorperate (in no pertickler order):

  • nothing @ ∀ll... nil, none, nada, naught, zilch, zip, diddly-squat
  • zeroing the counter as reset
  • pointilism (do we dare do a Seurat jigsaw puzzle next?)
  • zeroing out the books
  • deciphering the cipher (in Σum cirlces cipher = 0)
  • zer0 as placeholder for «elsewhere»
  • dividing by 0 as the ultimate fucked up concept... enough to blow not just a computer up but your brain
  • vaccuum + subzero fridges
  • empty space
  • to «feel empty inside» is a good thing, no?
  • dot com
  • rabbit holes + nautilus shells
  • no body (as the name Odysseus used to get away from the 1-eyed cyclops)
  • orbitals + eclipses
  • Corona, patient zer0, contact tracing + how we wear masks to cover the hole we eat + speak with
  • language as virus
  • as weave theorized b4, IT ∀ll starts w/ i-balls + we evolved bodies to move our i-balls around this planit
  • IT takes 2 to tango but how did these 1st 2 come into ∃xistence?

+ hear's a mixtape wheel listen 2 while making this i point zer0 book objet:

— ox

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