5cense Feminist oyster shucking + books of sand inklooting i.0 by a.I.


23 July 2020> Ain't bin keeping track of our day-to-day, but think maybe weave lost a pound or 2 in the past week, oscillating between 168-170, instead of 169-172. Last night had oysters (yes, we've gotten over our fear of shucking since we punkshured ourself + passed out) + fish curry. Still have yet to go to a restraunt or get take-out during this hole pandemic. Hour heel is probly healed enough to walk or run but think wheel weight a weak just to bee safe. Caseload in D.C. is going back up, probly cuz we're on the edge of "the south" cuz most folk around hear seam to bee playing it safe. Recorded another song but had to take a brake cuz think maybe listening to loud music w/ heaphones triggers our vertigo, it actually all started back when we 1st started recording again. Who nose tho...

24 July> Dropped below 168 today, pounds that is, temperature wise it's bin in the upper 90s, tho today is in the 80s. Finished our 1-of-a-kind book project we talked about in post 766, i.0, or «i point zero».

For the time being we ain't selling it, but u can view it online here.

3 books weave red recently destined for our liebury boox:

  • We Should All Be Feminists by Chimanda Ngozi Adiche—this was adapted from a Tedx talk + it probly shd of remained dat way. It's a bit dumbed down, the kind of book middle-shcool kids shd read, but for sum1 dat went to UC Santa Cruz in the late 80s?
  • Black + Blues by Kamau Brathwaite—not as good as his other stuff + he doesn't use his sycorax font much, but still good stuff.
  • The Book of Sand by Jorge Luis Borges—felt like weed red most of these already in his collected works so just skimmed these, especially the poetry.


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