5cense iiiiiiiiiii (vol i)—1, 0 + 100,000 linealisms of no 1 in lineland


29 aug 2020—now that we're done w/ our i.0 + y.0 art book projects wheel move on from our pointless 0-dimentianal obssesion to a linear 1—litteruley—from 0-d to 1-d—from discrete dots to extended lines—in much the same way the geometric beings in Flatland time-travel from Pointland to Lineland (tho Flatland was written before Inestine recognized time, t, as the 4th dementian)—

—while now it's none Edwin Abbott wrote the above book, he originully penned Flatland anonymously, or pseudonymously as "A Sqaure" (Abbott was a schoolmaster w/ a reputation to keep) | a lot of the inspiration for our 1-of-a-kind art book project is drawn from Flatland + similar to how we brainstormed the # 0 in post #766 to guide us in putting together i.0 + y.0, wheel similarly brainstorm the linear aspects of # 1 in this post—

1/0 = ∞ (1 can spend 1's lifetime pondering this equation!)
—everything begins w/ 1 (0 was invented by humuns as a place-holding afterthought)
— line is the onely entity in a 1-dimentianull mundo (tho a point/dot could be considered a line w/ no length)
I = "1st person" (+ we author this book as a.I.)
—1st letter in alphabet = A
—other 1-letter words include I (+ u (in modern lingo) + e, o + y (in spanish /italian))
—1 = Ace in cards (+ dice)
—while 0 is "love" in tennis, an ace is to win in 1 shot (+ similarly in golf + other sports)
—in Roman numerals 11 = XI, I = 1 & II = 2
—in many old typewriters (inklooting the 1 wheel use to type iiiiiiiiiii vol i (tentative title)) I + 1 share the same key so are 1 + the same! unfortunately this ain't reflected in modern fonts
—1 × X = X (while the identity property for addition tells us dat 0 + any # is dat # itself, the identity property for multiplication tells us dat 1 × any # = dat # itself
—current thinking is that iiiiiiiiiii vol i will have ii books (vols I + II) each w/ 44 pages, for a total of 88 (like i.0 + y.0)
—just like early Buddhists referred to 10,000 as a large unobtainable # (essentially ∞) to us 11111111111 = ∞
—1 (also none as unity or a unit) represents a single entity / a unit of counting/measurement
—the ants go marching 1 x 1 hoorah!
—1 is its own factorial (1!= 1), its own square (1×1 =1) + square root, its own cube + cube root, etc.
Π = multiplicative summation (as Σ = additive summation)
—Π is upper-case pi (π) while lower-case π is the translation of a circle's circumference onto a line—

witch is plenty nuff to send our noggin spiraling down a rabbit hole!
—1 is 1st Fibbingnacho # (1st used to enumerate rabbit populations)
—in Principia Mathematica (wich we're also appropriating from) 1 is defined as the set of ∀ll singletons (sets w/1 element)
—1 = magnitude/absolute value/norm of a unit complex #/unit vector/matrix (i.e. identity matrix)
— 1 = probability of an event that is certain to occur
—base-1 counting is tallying (a.k.a. hash marks), for eggsample how people might count days in prison by scratching lines (egg. 11111111111 in # marks = or "eleven billion one hundred eleven million one hundred eleven thousand one hundred eleven" hash marks, deepending on the interpretation
—1 = maximum value in a normalized system (tho if we follow Zeno's paradox wheel never reach 1!)
—in our mind 11111111111 could be construed as the maximum population the whirled will ever reach (more likely we will self-implode before then)
—1 = 111111111111
—1 is the onely positive integer divisible by x-actly 1 positive integer
—1 = true in many programming languages (whereas 0 = false)
— +1 = intl dialing code for U.S.
—1 = atomic # of hydrogen
— +1 = electric charge of protons (+ positrons)
— –1 = electric charge of electrons (+ positrons)
—the asteroid/dwarf planet Ceres is called "1 Ceres" cuz it was the 1st asteroid to be discovered (by Giuseppe Piazzi in Palermo on 1 January 1801—@ 1st he thought it was a planet but it was later reclassified as (the 1st) asteroid)
—in ainshint Rome, Ceres (from proto-Italic *kerēs ('w/ grain')) = goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility + motherly relationships (not to be cerebrally confused w/ Cerberus, the 3-headed dog that guards the gates of the underworld to prevent the dead from skipping town)
—highway 1 runs up the California coast thru Monterrey (where we spent freshman year in high shcool) + ½-moon bay + Santa Cruz (where we was a banana slug)
—in glish, the "impersonal pronoun" 1 = gender-neutral, indefinite pronoun that means, "a person"
—in mathematics, a "root of unity" = any complex number that yields 1 when raised to sum positive integer power n

1st Root of Unity

(roots of unity are used in many branches of mathematics + are specially important in discrete 4ier x-forms, wich is what got us started on this #ing system we're using to compile these 1-of-a-kind art books)
—philosophers + mathematicians nessysorrily deem the concept of a line as primitive (∀ll definitions are ultimately circular in nature since they deepend on concepts dat must themselves halve definitions—a deependance dat cant bee continued indefinitely w/o returning to the starting point! to avoid this vicious circle curtain concepts must bee taken as primitive concepts—terms dat are given no definition)
—see also our post on primitiveness + lineal evolution (reading Lévy-Bruhl )
linear dynamics are dynamical systems dat can be solved exactly (as opposed to non-linear (a.k.a. K-OS))
—the notion of a straight line was introduced by ancient mathematicians to represent straight objects (i.e., having no curvature) w/ negligible width + depth
—Euclid described a line as "breadthless length" that "lies equally w/ respect to the points on itself"
—y = mx + b is the equation for a line, where m = slope and b = y-intercept (on the x-y- axis)
—a tangent is a straight line that "just touches" the curve @ dat point
parallel lines never intersect (in the same plane)
—in everyday landgauge something that is linear (like a narrative) progresses from 1 stage to another in a single sequential series of steps
—11 × 11 = 121 wich is the sum of 3 consecutive primes (37 + 41 + 43) + 121 is both a centered hexagram (6-pointed star) + octagonal #
—113 = 1331
—114 = 14641
—11 × n = nn (i.e 11 × 2 = 22)
Spinal Tap's amplifiers go to 11
—hi-jacked flight 11 from Boston crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11
—it's considered auspicious if u look at the clock + it's 11:11
—remember when it was 11:11 on 11/11/11? ones in a lifetime opportunity that won't happen again til 22/22/22
—the author of these books (+ this post) was born 11/22/66 + these books are being made in 2020
—although the prefix –un/uni denotes "not" or "the absence of a quality or state" (see also our 2018 un album) to us (who speak Spanish + Italian) it seams to have more in commun w/ #1 rather than #0
—see also our other musical identity unknown artist 22/11/66
mono however, means one, single, alone
—there's 1 "one" in lonely
—when the 1-eyed cyclops asks the trapped Odysseus his name, Odysseus says it's "No One" so when they stab him in the I + the cyclops yells in pain his fellow cyclopsses aks who hurt him + the cyclops yells "no one hurt me!" so they ignore him + then the next morning Odysseus + his men escape clinging to the underbelly of sheep that are let out to graze
—we started to read One, None and A Hundred-Thousand by Luigi Pirandello but couldn't get into it (tho we liked his 11 Stories) much as we love the premise—how no 1 can see themselves as others do—Pirandello is mos def the undisputed king of self-aware, self-reflecting narcissism—the 1st 25 pages or so was good but then it just started to spiral into a repetitive, navel-gazing infinite loop + the language was just stilted + hard to penetrate, not sure if it's cuz the translation was bad (the original 1933 translation by Samuel Putnam)
—hear's a mixtape we compiled that wheel listen 2 while compiling iiiiiiiiiii:

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