5cense The dynamics of populations in the Anthropocene of lost + found slides along B + C north


1 Sept 2020> We were with a co-worker travelling somewhere + were getting onto the SFO air-tram or BART when Kevin [our dead brother] came in w/ a box in his hand + we was like hey! + he just said "hey" like he saw us yesterday + we introduced him to our co-worker whose name we din’t remember so it was awkward. We aksed why he was in San Fran if he lived in L.A. + he said he was going to the post office.

3 Sept> Despite our tinnitus + days where it seams we're completely deaf in our right ear, we've finished 9 songs (of 12) on our Herd of Birds album. At this point last year we hadn't even started recording last year's album (3.3 x 3.3 = S.S.), in part cuz we were busy moving from Rome into our new house (separated from our instrawments for a few months) + in part cuz of Ménières. Listening w/ headphones or loud seems to trigger, as does allergies, poor sleep, barometric pressure change + not eating + drinking in moderation, but we've been more moderate this past month, eating + drinking coffee + alcohol less + feel bedder. Our weight still fluctuates 3-4 pounds between when 12 AM + 12 PM, tho before we had 5-7 pound swings + on average we've lost a few pounds (between 164–168 instead of 166–172).

Mostly this past week we've bin reading thru a draft of our bedder-½'s Eating in the Anthropocene book (what she wanted to call it her but her publisher says they gotta call it something else), giving last minute edits.

Working on our 3rd 1-of-a-kind book project iiiiiiiiiii vol i but weave spent more time throwing stuff out then creating... sifting thru all the old scraps, books, newspaper + magazine clippings + randum stuff weave collected over the years in a big crate under our bed + decided to empty out + go thru everything, organizing them into categories to file away so they are easier to find + our bedder-½ wouldn't think we was a hoarder. A month or 2 ago (see post 767) we commented on how we couldn't find a Populations Dynamics paper we alluded too in a journal entry from 1993... well, we found it! Speaking of Wile E Coyote (see the previous post #782) + linear dynamics (post #780)... here it is, for the record:

We also found a bunch of ripped out journal pages from 1990 that we never transcribed, that just happen to have the lyrics for Mare, the song we re-recorded + released last week, so maybe we'll take a break from 1993 to transcribe these entries from 1990. We also found these slides that i think we found in the garbage at Palazzo Colonna in Rome... we only grabbed a handful cuz we couldn't tell what they were, but now after scanning them we wish we would of grabbed more, here's a few unaltered):





6 Sept> Yesterday went on another ½-marathon walk, tackling Constitution (where B st shd be) + C streets north:

... thru Capitol Hill + along the mall passing many Smithsonians, Federal bldgs, etc.

IRS bldg (homeless people sleeping in the bunker to protect the sign)


America's namesake (Vespucci)



fancy boox in Capitol Hill


D.O.J. ain't doing such a good job lately


not to be confused w/ the many Marion berries we encountered last summer

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