5cense Walking w/ dead birds along F + G treets north reading Obioma + eating sushi in public


25 Sept 2020> Went to an outdoor restraunt for the 1st time since March, that sushi place near Dupont. Then we went on a non-macrocosmic walk up north (tho we did happen to see the Sierra Leone embassy) into Mt Pleasant to pilfer book boxes + look for stuff to make art/sculptures out of.

27 Sept> Did F + G streets north, on the east side past a lot of book boxes in Capitol Hill then unfortunately past the White House thru Foggy Bottom. Nada mucho of intrest to report on... downtown is still perty dead, specially on a Sunday.



Seams there was an unusual # of dead birds laying around on the streets + birds are hitting our windows a lot lately... usually they bounce off + keep going about their business but the other day a dove rammed into our upstairs window + landed plop dead on top of our liebury boox w/a broken neck. Sure sum superstitchus folks think there's a significant meaning to that, but we're sighingtists—most likely it means our windows are too clean or there's something flashy inside our house birds are attracted to... tho the chants of landing on top of our liebury box like dat seams quite slim. Speaking of liebury boox, we put a fancy octopus handle on ours a few days ago:

+ speaking of octopi, we saw that Octopus Teacher movie every one's been raving about + much as we dig cephalopods bud sumping was seriously off about that dude... privileged white guy exploiting that poor octopus for his cause—to pass his legacy of white male supremacy over the natural world on to his kid. And to act like he just made that movie free-diving w/ a hand-held camera... does he think we're idiots? There had to be a film crew in scooby gear to capture those shots of him groping kelp + fondling octopussies (all at the expense of the natural ecosystem—the up close scene of him stepping on the flowers perty much sums it up) + sure that "humun intrest" story was all scripted + pieced together from a lot of footage + there's shit they conveniently ain't showing us... oi, that film bothered us on so many levels. Last night we saw Béla Tarr's Turin Horse... can't get any more diffrent + bedder, Tarr nose how to make a movie.

+ speaking of birds, our bedder-½ laid down the last vocals for Herd of Birds + now we're just mixing + making it all gel together as an album... might even lay it down on wax. We're starting to assemble 4ier X-forms, the 4th + last of these 1-of-a-kind collage/assemblage books + on our walk we just happened to score a book on Fourier Transforms!

28 Sept> Finished The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma, 1 of the bedder books weave red in a while. Obioma has come a long way since The Native Hurricane... tho the book loses a bit of steam twards the end, probly could of been 100 pages shorter. Also started to read Cemetery of Mind by Dambudzo Marechera, but it's poetry, not into as much as House of Hunger, which we dug.

They're ripping up the sidewalks outside our window as we speak.... we scored un poco de cemento from them to reinforce our liebury boox so it ain't wobbly no more.

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