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1 Nov 2020> Post 799. Almost 800. More than 100 posts this year + we got 2 months left. More than 2x a week on avg, tho the past month or 2 we haven't been blogging as much cuz we was wrapping up Herd of Birds + 4ier X-forms, both of which are being pressed, on vinyl + paper respectively, w/ scheduled release dates of 11/24/2020 + 11/12/2020.

2 more day til election day. We decided not to drink til a winner is declared (± if it's Biden, Trump has to concede), which could be a while, we're guessing into December, if not January. And despite the polls we still have a sickening feeling Trump will still be in the White House past January. We want to be sober for the outcome. Not that it matters, wether he "wins" or not seems to be a mute point.

All this blogging + we haven't done much personal reflection lately, not like we used to in our old journals which we're transcribing. All things considering, we feel perty good. It's weird of course, being in the same place almost this entire year. One window onto the world—the intersection of Swann + 15th—which is a strange view indeed, a mile straight north from the White House. Seems there's always cops flashing by (often going the wrong way) or blocking the intersection. In June it was the stage for the seige on Swann St. As we speak, the fire department, police + paramedics are tending to a junky in the crosswalk outside our window. Over a dozen uniformed people, 2 ambulances, 2 cop cars + a firetruck to tend to this poor guy that just needs a shot of Naloxone. What a waste of our tax money.

Our Microcosmic DC project is fitting for this year. We haven't left DC since last January, but have travelled along all 50 state-named streets + past most of the world's embassies. We still have a few countries to go as we do the alphabetic streets. Yesterday we did N, O, P + Q streets N, east of 15th:



No dead birds this time, but we did see a spreckled LGB in our backyard that seemed stunned + just sat there staring when we walked up to it. But we came back a few hours later + it had flown off. We also saw some graffiti that said somethink like "if you ever wondered what it's like to live in a rising fascist regime, this is it." Not many book boxes on this walk, except a few on N. Got a copy of Alice in Wonderland, which if we're gonna have a children's book in our boox may as well be that 1. 2 more books that we're putting in our boox after skimming: N + 1 issue 33 + Black Water by Joyce Carol Oates, which is a retelling of the Chappaquiddick incident, tho doesn't mention names (Ted Kennedy is just "the Senator")... not sure what was the point.

B-sides not drinking, we're also not gonna shave until the next president is set in stone + we're also gonna go on a partial hunger strike fast for 16 hours a day. So if we finish dinner at 7 we can't eat until next morning at 11. Part is this motivated cuz we want to lose weight... back in July we set a similar goal + we did lose 5 or so lbs but, well, what is there to do during these times but eat + drink + watch movies? We may just coninue this diet until Jan 1, 2021, regardless of wether there's a presidential outcome, like a reverse New Year's resolution.

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