5cense Today already happened a fortnight ago on P + Q


3 Nov 2020> Election night. Earlier we did a Microcosmic DC walk, cuz, well, who knows what things in the streets will be like mañana. Our bedder-½'s Map thing wasn't working , but we perty much repeated our N-O street NW walk except along P + Q ... taking P into Georgetown, thru the campus + then up thru Glover Archbold + Whitehaven parks then down to to Q + back. A lot of the businesses in G-town were boarding up their windows, some in D.C. otherwise nothing really out of the ordinary, a beautiful fall day actually. Ticked off 1 more embassy, El Salvador, another 1of those 1s in a non-descript bldg on 16th near the corner of P.

house in Georgetown where JFK met Jackie-O at a party


Georgetown U


G-town cemetary




Volta Bureau—Alexander Bell association for the deaf + hard of hearing


crossing back over the buffalo bridge + Spanish embassy

4 Nov> As expected, the results are inconclusive... have to wait it out. Woke up at 3 a.m. + red the noose + then couldn't go back to sleep. In her sleep our bedder-½ mumbled "today already happened 2 weeks ago". At least the anticipation is over, now riplaced by the dread of everything we feared materializing as reality. We felt sick to our stomach so had to get up + eat an egg, otherwise we've been good about our daily 16-hour fast/hunger strike. And yah, we had to drink sumping last night to cope. But today feels like a big reset/reality check. We went through this w/ Bush jr, the 2nd time he was re-elected was a major shock to our system that spurred us to split to Kenya. Then Obama was elected so it felt safe to come back. Then Trump was elected which was our cue to go to Rome, but unfortunately we had to come back. Now Trump seemingly getting re-elected (legit or not) is our cue to split again, though this virus is making it difficult so we probly won't split til next summer, assuming the world as we know it still ∃xists + we have free will + ain't stuck in a totalatarian state. We just don't belong to this country, can't fathom the values shared by the dominant ½. Regardless of wether it's 49/100 or 51/100, the fact that ~½ the country thinks this way is sickening. How menny times do we halve to say this before we renounce Amerika for good?

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