5cense Ding dong the Drumpf is dead along R + S past 9 more embassies


5 Nov 2020> Woke up at 3 a.m. sick to our stomach w/ dread again, that Biden will be called the winner, everyone will celebrate + then Trump will manage to steal the election by cheating or outright force + no 1 will be able to stop him cuz he owns the Senate + Supreme Court + then how angry democrats will be + what unrest/violence that will lead to.

7 Nov 2020> Beautiful morning so we set out to walk R + S streets north in their entirety... went east on R, looped back on S + the nice thing is that we passed a block from our house so we were able to stop ½-way thru for a pit stop. Saw quite a few embassies: Laos, Myanmar, Papau New Guinea, Denmark, Romania, Guatemala, Georgia + Sierra Leone.

Georgia embassy w/ some wine-making vessel





our bedder-½ striking a pose on S street

Scored quite a few books which is good cuz our stash to re-up our own liebury boox was dwindling down.

The Michael Gira (upside down on top) was once ours but we put it in our boox a while ago cuz it's in German + now it's back in our possession... we're starting to notice this w/ Calamari books, they're appearing in boxes around the city after others have read them. Weird to find a Ross Simoni book as he's the guy who reviewed our Poste Restante for The Believer what seems like ages ago. And the goat lamp next to the books we scored today in our favorite 2nd hand furniture shop. Additional books that we've started to read in the past week or 2 that we've abandoned to put in our liebury boox:

  • The Big Sea by Langston Hughes—after recently reading I Wonder As I Wander we figured we've read enought autobiographical stuff about Hughes' travel + I Wonder As I Wander covers more exotic international travel.
  • The Only Story by Julian Barnes—actually all 3 of these books fall under the category of books by writers we've already read + don't necessarily think they are that good that we need to read a 2nd book by them... we recently read + enjoyed The Sense of an Ending + while The Only Story was engaging (same idea as The Graduate) + easy to read, seems like the kind of thing u read to just bide the time + we got plenty of other books in our to-read pile
  • Little Failure by Gary Shteyngart—back when he blurbed Barzini's book we figured we shd read his Super Sad book + remember enjoying but don't know if his life is that interesting that we need to read what is essentially an autobiography, just didn't grab us

Right when we got back from our walk we started to hear people in our hood yelling + hollering so we checked the news + they declared Biden. So we went on our roof + played "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" really loud along w/ "We are the Champions" + hooted to the passing cars + pedestrians. A lot of people were filing down 15th to the White House but doesn't seem like a good idea to go down there, not just cuz of covid or the prospects of some gun-toting maniac from West Virginia driving into D.C. (which voted 95% for Biden) to plow down some revelers, but cuz it just seems premature to celebrate. I'll feel better when he's got a few more states as a backup or Trump concedes. Feels like we've been through a traumatizing 4-year nightmare... can't believe it's over, it's gonna take a while for it to sink in.

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