5cense Leaf viewing VW in the pleasant calm before the shit-storm of our discontent


11/11/2020> 3 a.m. Like most nights lately not sleeping much. We saw sum study yesterday saying that 1 in 5 people that test positive for covid suffer from depression, anxiety ± insomnia... but what's the control group? Ain't their an increase in depression, anxiety ± insomnia in the entire world population right now? We still got an uneasy feeling them repubiklans are scheming + don't seem the democrats are doing shit about it. Why ain't folks holding the entire repubiklan party responsible for Drumpf's antics? In the same way that Roger Ailes told all the Fox noose anchors to always include "Hussein" whenever they said Obama's name, every mention of Drumpf in the noose shd be preceded by "repubiklan-endorsed" or not even use his name (witch we can't bear to say) but just call him the repubiklan representative + keep reminding folks over + over long after this is over that Drumpf embodies the intrests of the entire repubiklan party + hold them all accountable... problem is we ain't so sure it will ever be over. Our bedder-½ says "no stinkin' thinkin'" but ain't it naive + apathetic to bee too positive + complacent right now? Not that we ain't fool of celebatory wishful thinking, in fact, we even made this mixtape for the occassion for when we was popping prosecco on our stoop:

This 1-2 week stretch of gorge-us whether preseeding + following the election don't help, feels like the mourning of 9/11... it was such a perfect day in NYC, blue sky, 70° (+ also an election day). Feels like the calm before the shitstorm or the i of the hurr-i-cane. We've been walking outside + sitting up on our roof most every day soaking up the vitamin D while we can, before this long dark winter of our discontent. Yesterday we continued the alphabetic portion of our Microcosmic DC project, the last 2 streets actually, V + W, tho only the bits west of 15th st., witch ain't much, mostly it was an excuse to hit the parks + check out foliage + just bee outside + also exchanged sum more books (scored sum Brautigan, McCarthy + that House of Leaves guy).









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