5cense We found Foundation along VW alphabetically thru our vicarious microcosm


11/14/2020> Walked the eastern stretches of V + W streets north, detouring to loop around the trio of cemetaries out there.... + that finishes the alphabetic portion of our Microcosmic DC project! Still have a handfull of embassies here + there to be officially done (we abandoned the idea of doing the numbered streets).


9:30 Club ticket truck + ...


9:30 Club







Finally read Foundaton by Isaac Asimov... maybe we read it when we was young, we forget, or maybe we just never got thru it (sorta remember owning the trilogy)... the 1st part was intresting, but our interest waned after that... seems Foundation was pieced together from 5 diffrent short stories, so guess that explains why it seems a bit piecemeal. We liked the idea of it tho, about a declining galactic empire + those that predicted the decline were exiled to a far planet Terminus to write an encyclopedia.

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