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11/24/2020> Released the last single—"Colony Cullapse"—from our Herd of Birds album.


> We mentioned in the last post we got copies of the LP (on wax) in house... spose we shd also say (hint, hint) that if you're chomping at the bit to git the vinyl (officially released 12/24/2020 (our 24th anniversary... the date we always release albums) u can inkloot it in your Surplus Select Sale selection, or u kin just aks + we'll send u 1 free. We tried to put 1 in our liebury boox but it didn't fit, but we put 1 in the bigger little free library across the street on 15th (if u live in D.C.).

> We ain't logged a nocturnal emission in a while, last night think we dreamt we was trying to log a dream, but mostly they're just little snapshots here + there that can't be put in words + seams most every dream this year involves public encounters w/ folks not wearing masks... we imagine most folks are having this nightmare lately? As we retroactively archive our journals we're thinking of calling The Daily Noose sumping else (much as we like the journihilistic connuntations) since it's more about what's old, not new. When we moved to Africa we thought to call this blog My Life in the Bush of Ghosts but never did, but now we're thinking it might be an apt name since it's our entire life online, in the ghostly ether of posthumuns... My Life in the Blog of Ghosts or My Life in the Web of Ghosts (both URLs of witch are available, as is My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, or was (we just snagged it)).

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