HoB #5: Egon Schiele as a Figurehead anagram in "A Hued Grief" to derobe the tyrant


12/17/2020> ♫ On the 5th track off Herd of Birds my true love gave to me ..."A    H u e d   G r i e f" ♬  
The title of this 5th #—"A Hued Grief" —is an anagram of "Figurehead," the 5th track off The Cure's Pornography, which in our opinion is 1 of the best albums ever made. We certainly thought so as a depressed teenager, had a sorta healthy obsession w/ the album... it perhaps kept us alive another day on many an ocassion, or certainly made us see the pensive beauty in sadness + depression, to embrace it rather than fight it. So we thank Robert Smith for that. We cryptically named the track "A Hued Grief" as a nod to The Cure cuz we stole the drums from "A Figurehead" so it's a cover in a sense... hope Mr. Smith or Lol Tolhurst don't sue us! Tho as we've said before, no 1 has ever bought our past albums + we can count the # of ppl that stream our songs on 1 or 2 hands (+ most likely that's us or our bedder-½) so likely no 1 will notice + b-sides, we tweaked the loop so u probly can't tell. The resemblance to "A Figurehead" stops w/ the drums, tho perhaps "A Hued Grief" is also a bit on the dark side. Lyrically it's an ode to Egon Schiele, who's pregnant wife died cuz of Spanish flu + then a few dayz later he died + how sad he must of been in those few dayzzz... tho he looks quiet peaceful on his deathbed (maybe cuz he was happy to be dying):

> The guy talking @ the beginning + end of the song is a Spanish flu survivor (from some podcast we found on Archive.org) so damn, he must be old, a centenarian no less. The "100 years after inquisition" line is another nod to Pornograpy ("100 years" is the opening track). The Spanish Armada (which for some reason is the date (1588) we was all sposed to remember in history class) was 100 years after the Spanish Inquisition (we was rewatching all the Monty Python's Flying Circus episodes around the time (cue "nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition"!)) + now COVID-19 comes 100 years after the Spanish flu. The line "Kamikaze curves" is a carry over from the preseeding #, "Corvid Curve". The final line is a rewrite of "Every successful revolution puts on in time the robe of the tyrant it has deposed" (attributed to Barbara W. Tuchman)... + here we are w/ our Drumpfian tyrant finally deposed, but will anything change?


rivers run red w/ washed hands
the sands of time land-lock airspace
the ceilings fall in the face of it all
the smell of inmate's personal hells

kamikaze curves
who nose when or witch way the wind blows

6 feet as the crow flies
a grave of ravenous rats unearthed
the crumbling walls of dirt + debris
the decaying cry of hollowed greed

a walled garden approach
lampshade pets see onely blue sky
necks severed clean from bodily function
the junction of rivers + land riversed

a hued grief
cries wolf
the bats shriek
a hued grief
the bows dip
the ships singk

if baysic needs ain't guaranteed
bodies rise to seize back seeds
cancer crabs will storm the beach +
bait + switch in autoimmune d-zzz

mangrove swamps harbor mood swings
Egon Schiele died in 1918

3 dayzzz after his wife died
6-month pregnant w/ influenza
tormented hands play contorted organs
the floating fleets set sail for Plymouth

100 years after inquisition
the Armada rooted in restless box-springs
connect the dots from bone to bloodstream
invisible, they never knew what hit them

history ripeats
every day the same ol' story
every century
every war dawns robes of tyrants deposed

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