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I©oniɔ ɔulling of musiɔ from sɔenes of war (a nighthood ɔuring snake-dzzz from beds of our bedder-½)


3 Feb 2021> We were annointed a kight last night. The night annointing us 1st had to bee blessed + then they turned to us + boinked us over each shoulder + told us to kneel. So we went thru some ritual getting on our knees + kissing the floor but we were in a bathroom so we din't actually wanna press our lips to the dirty tile but just pertended 2. We got 2 thinking that maybe this IDea of knighthood was a Muslim thing cuz the ritual was simalure to the Islamic prayer ritual (+ also sorta what we due each mourning to stretch our back, feet + arms (essentially a child pose into a downdog) while we wait for our coffee to brew), but now that we're a wake this idea seems ludicrus cuz these "knights" were fighting Muslims during the Crusades. The rest was hard to put into palabras cuz it was more like we were editing images, but as we changed the imedges we had to update the caption/title to "Iconic Culling of Music from Scenes of War".

Meanwhile, on our bedder-½'s side of the bed, we were (they said we were there) @ Adam Driver's house + he was a mad sighingtist trying to find a cure for sum terrible zoonotic d-zzz that derived from snakes (qualifies as a covid (k)night-mare). Driver had all these snakes in cages mustering to develip a vac-scene. He also had a girlfriend/sidekick who wore a Superman cape + was trying to track down the last person that had this snake disease who was this little kid + when she found the kid she ran them over in her car. Everything in Driver's house was getting out of control w/ the snakes proliferating so he asked us to burn his house along w/ him in it.

... weird how for the past 25 years we've slept every night in the same bed as our bedder-½ + they go sumwhere + we go sumwhere else for ~6–8 hours (tho the night before more like 4 hours), rite? And now for this past year we never even leave the house + we're around our bedder-½ for 24 hrs/day + the onely alternative to the reality in this house is what happens when we sleep + the films we watch. The past few dayz weave bin binging on Normal People cuz we cancelled our Hulu then watched the 1st episode + desided it's worthy so wanted to watch them all before our subscription expires in a few dayzzz. It's basically soft porn showing this young Irish couple having sex most of the time, but it's tender + sweet + they have good chemistry/acting + our both easy on the eyes. And of course since it's a series they have to be constantly breaking up + getting back together to create dramatic tension, making their lives unessysorrily complicated when they could be simple + free + in love (but that would make for a boring show).

IRL we're making music, collaging a new tune called "Sandy" (each song title will derive from a river, the Sandy river being an offshoot of the Columbia that we had a cabin on when we was a kid). Weave got over a dozen snippets/demos of stuff we've bin messing with this past month or 2 since putting out Herd of Birds, maybe 3–6 of them that will actually be songs we put lyrics too. Thinking others we might rework 4 an ambient/instrumental album we put out as unknown artist 11/22/66. We started 2 read Libra by Don Delillo but abandoned it (after skipping to the end) cuz it's a semi-fictionalized acct about Lee Harvey Oswald + we feel strange about such things, 4 the same reason we didn't like Oliver Stone's JFK movie (or 4 that matter The Doors, which Stone also made in 1991)... especially in light of 2-day's notion of truthiness + fake news we don't know if the public can be trusted 2 make the distinction between what is real + fictionalized + these things that teeter on the edge are dangerous distortions. Weed rather reed well-researched + unbiased non-fiction or just full on fiction. Also finished (c)opyrights and (ɔ)opywrongs by Siva Vaidhyanthan which is an intresting overview of the hystori of ©opyright law (don't folks joke about reading such things 2 put yourself 2 sleep?). We found it in DC book box + it's all marked up most likely by sum lawyer type. Strangely, Samuel ©lemens was 1 of the early advo©ates of this noshun of ©opyright (nod to menshun he invented black appropriation)... wonder how he'd feel about us appropriating Huɔk Finnegan 4 A Raft Manifest? Pretty sure Joyɔe wouldn't ɔare. ©lemens is a bit of hippo©rit tho ©uz he himself appropriated plenty of other's words (Twain's Hu©kleberry Finn is baysickly The Odyssey on a raft on a river). Homer (who might actually not even be an individual but the name 4 a ɔollective of writers or ɔultural tradition) wd probly be thrilled that others we're retelling The Odyssey... that's probly how The Odyssey devilipped anyway, the IDea of ©opyright was far from the publiɔ imagenation back then, really until the last 100+ years. Vaidhyanthan follows the devilipment of ©opyright law in litterasure, musi© + te©hnology all the weigh up 2 Publiɔ Enemy, Apple + Napster. We were on the fenɔe when we worked (2003–2005) @ the legal "Napster" (which was a ©omplete hippo©risi ©uz it was just the brand name + kitty logo slapped on software (pressplay) that went against everything Napster stood 4 (far from p2p)). We get that artists need 2 make ©ash but working @ these musi© labels we realized no madder how u slice it they're the 1s profiteering from all of hit, turning artists in2 ©ommodeities. As weave been advoɔating 4 ova + ova, ∀ll this ɔould be eliminated if artist's removed themselves from the art... then the soul ɔurrenɔy would bee how many times a work of art is ɔopied. A lot of what weave bin doing musiɔally this past week has been ɔreating loops + samples from Ǝxisting songs/movies/sounds 2 use as starting points 4 new toons. Unlike the early sampling ©ontroversies that artists like Publick Anemone faced (where 1 sampled from tapes or vinyl) w/ digital sampling u can manipulate sound bites 2 the point where they ɔan never be IDentified + u can alter the pitch + BPM 2 fit whatever you're doing. Is this braking ©opyright laws? U tell us, butt 1st u gotta simple this, my bitpull.

(+ now these our going into our liebury boox... does this sort of file-sharing violate ©opyright law?)

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