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I uɐ ɹou pɐǝɥ s'uᴉǝʇSuᴉǝ ɟo ½ ʇɟǝl ǝɥʇ ɟo ʇno/uᴉ suoʇʇnq ɹǝpuǝʇ ʇǝƃ ʇ'uɐɔ llᴉʇs ɯ'I


26 Feb 2021> Finished Can't Get You Out of My Head... perhaps not as good as Machines of Loving Grace but still ★★★★★... granted it's dipressing as hell + will overwhelm u w/ hopelessness. Just goes to show there's no point in doing nothing xcept being yourself + njoying the ride. Nothing can change the coarse of humanity so mayas well rise above + bee post-humun. No 1 can even trust what's going on in their one heads cuz a lot of it is stories we tell ourselves (fed by the media) to cope w/ this reality, cuz otherwise it's all 2 overwhelming for any 1 brain to comperhend.

Red Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman, had sum intresting insights (about the nature of time), but a tad fuddy-duddy for our tastes (framed w/in a sorta period piece about the day to day life of Einstein in Switzerland @ the turn of century). Also came across a 2-book set of the collected writings of Gertrude Stein resently + started reading that. Haven't red much Stein, think maybe we tried to "read" Tender Buttons once but maybe we were trying too hard to make sense of it. Reading this w/ CGYOoMH fresh in our head re-confirms the noshun that nothing means anything so why even try to make sense of it? The funny thing is there's a mistake in the binding of this book (publsihed by The Library of America), the cover is upside down from the text inside so if u was reading it in public it wd look like u was an idiot reading it upside down... unless this was intentional? Even tho Stein shirley had connections (being hostess w/ the mostess to the lost generation), a lof of the works in this book remained unpublished at the time of her death.

File under stop making sense.

I ain't Einstein neither m I Stein.

A sine we walked today on a saw:

In song writing mode so Tender Buttons is good inspiration, how to piece together words that sound good but don't mean nothing. We plan on writing 25 songs (the album (Tributaries, or perhaps Double Suicide) will be released on our 25th anniversary) + being that our bedder-½ is singing we're writing lyrics we'd want her to say to us, a dialog that no 1 else will here innyway.

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