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Jab #1 + a Pontypool launch party for The Journal of Petromelum Officials in Boryslav


27 Feb 2021> Went to a launch party for our bedder-½'s new book. They got the 1st batch from the printer + we opened them up to look @ them + they were crap... binding was coming apart, cover was a taped-on piece of thin white paper w/ ½ the ink faded, everything about it was shoddy. All our bedder-½'s friends + family were there + every 1 was disappointed + depressed, kind of resigned to "oh well." We was looking at it + telling her publisher that it was unnacceptable + they were shrugging their shoulders + agreeing + we said she shouldn't have to pay for it + they agreed. We told our our bedder-½ we could have new copies printed in 2 weeks + they would be great quality + cheaper than what they paid. We had wondered why they hadn't just asked us (Calamari) in the 1st place, but it was a reputable big university press, we all had assumed they would do a good job since they had a good reputation. We told them we'd been using bookmobile for almost 20 years + they hadn't fucked up a single batch, except early on one batch w/ slightly the wrong color + they made good on those. So we told her publisher to pull all the copies that had gone out to bookstores, that this reflected poorly on our our bedder-½ + they agreed w/ everything we said. Our bedder-½'s family was all drowning their sorrows + we were trying to tell them it was all gonna be OK. We were walking home along the edge of this river that was all muddy + we all had to take off our high heels.

Watched Pontypool, a zombie film where ppl are infected by lanuage... intresting premise + it wasn't bad (good pandemic movie), but we probly shd of just read the book by Tony Burgess that the movie is based on.

28 Feb> Saw Days of Heaven, an early (1978) Terrence Malick film w/ Richard Gere + Sam Shepard which was pretty bad. Then watched Richard Jewell, which was an intresting.

29 Feb> Saw Hard Eight, an older P.T. Anderson film we somehow overlooked til now. Wasn't great for P.T.A., but still good.

2 Mar> Red Undula by Bruno Schulz, which was a recently discovered short story that Schulz had published under a pseudonym in The Journal of Petromelum Officials in Boryslav, so no wonder it went unnoticed all these years. Not sure it was worthy of being a book tho, it's only like 10 pages long w/ a bunch of filler + a publisher's afterword that is about as long as the story. Also started to read The Lives of Animal by J.M. Coetzee (w/ a bunch of chapters by other bigwigs like Peter Singer) but realized we read it before + it annoyed us... he was invited to do a lecture at Princeton so devised some metafictional story within a story about another fictional writer invited to do a similar lecture + rather than lecture about literature she lectures about animal rights stuff. It was all very convoluted + academic, not that we don't agree w/ all the (fictional) arguments made, but not sure how effective they are veiled in this entitled metafictional framework.

3 Mar> Wrote lyrics for 3 songs today: "Rom," "Oceanus" + "Manú" (all the titles on the next album will be names of rivers, or tributaries). Went for a 8 mile walk to Capitol Hill + exchanged a bunch of books. Posted 2 pieces by Diego Goldstein on Sleepingfish 2020+ (≠404). Don't remember much about what happened while we were sleeping except that we needed to get something from high up on a wall so climbed up cuz every 1 else was scared to but when we got up there the heights made us dizzy + it was really precarious + we realized we couldn't climb down + needed a ladder or to be rescued but the people we was with were walking away cuz we seemed confident getting up there.

4 Mar> Got our 1st jab! Guess our Ménière's was considered a secondary risk factor + we got some text from JHU telling us to sign up. Not that it changes much cuz our bedder-½ didn't get it so we have to be just as careful until she does. Had to go to Sibley, which is almost outside of D.C., perhaps the furthest we've been from home this year (~5 miles). Had to wait (inside) like 30 minutes in line w/ a bunch of covidiots wearing their masks like chinstraps + standing a foot away. We were dubble-masked w/ cloth over a N95 + tried to stand there breathing as least as possible... ironic that the riskiest thing we've done all year was go to the hospital to get immunized. "How'd u get covid? Going to get our covid vaccination." Walked back along the canal which was even longer, so between yesterday + today probly walked 20+ miles.

in the 15-min recovery room

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