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Yung Women + Her Symbols + LDS laced bird dreams forging the phake art of deception


17 March 2021> We were visited by a # of birds last night, 1st we was travelling sumwhere + ppl kept giving us animals or we won them as prizes but it stressed us out cuz we din't halve anywhere to put them + not able to care for 'em since we was travelling. But we also din't want to offend the ppl that gifted em to us. When finally no 1 was looking we opened our backpack + started letting the animals go... a few pidgins flew off, sum chickens ran off + there were sum other birds + maybe a turtle, don't totally REMember but there was also a little parrot that just sorta fell to the ground rather than fly off. They wasn't dead but wasn't able to fly + we felt terrible for neglecting them (they'd been in our backpack all day). We got a cuddlebone + broke it in ½ + the parrot started going to town on it, chomping on the chalky yellowish marrow in the middle. The parrot said "that's just what i needed". They ate the cuddlebone + was then able to fly. They flew over to a plate + scratched their beak on it + we tried to ask what they were looking for, "water? Something to file your beak down? We thought that's what cuddlebones were for?" But the parrot didn't speak back.

A few hours later we were travelling in another country, maybe China + they were putting on this stage production + there was a part where this Mynah bird was sposed to sing on Q. They were on top of their cage out in the rain so we threw sum food down in the sheltered area where we was + they flew down right at our feet + ate the peanut + the crew putting on the play were annoyed @ us cuz now there was no incentive for the bird to sing, but we just kept feeding the bird. Up close they had paws that looked more like cat paws then bird's feet.

We normally ain't into dream intepretation (they are what they are) but having birds in them 2x in 1 night made us look it up wich is probly the 1st time weave ever done that on Inurnet. Of course google says shit like they symbolize your hopes, desires + goals... but we din't click thru any of the links cuz we was just looking at how stupid the URLs were (, etc.). Maybe there's a good sight but u gotta know about it + they probly dont pay google as much as these dumb sights do. Coinsidentally, the best book on dream interpretation appeared in our little liebury boox yesterday, Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung (we left it there cuz we already got a dog-eared copy that we've had since the '80s... tho only now are we realizing how sexist the title sounds, is there a seperate book for Women and Her Symbols? Or maybe in German (Der Mensch und seine Symbole) it ain't so sexist). We could go find it in our liebury + thumb thru the book but it's so much easier to search on Inurnet + when we add "Jung" to this search query we get the 2-line teaser:

Freud believed that birds were sexual symbols that represent the penis, whereas Jung believed that birds in dreams were messengers from the unconscious,...

... but when we try to click thru to for more details we get full-screen porn ads. That pertty much sums up the current state of Inurnet. It also sums up our thoughts on Jung vs. Froid... is there anything that Froid thought didn't sinbullize the penis? Messengers from the unconscious sounds bedder to us. Of coarse it also deepends on what type of bird (an owl vs. a rooster for eggsample, or in our case both were talking birds) or the circumstances (is it caged, in your house, etc.). But again, we'll just take our dreams @ face value, they mean what they mean, tho we suspect covid has sumping to do w/ these bird 1s, being caged inside our home for an entire year + counting.

Watching The Durrells might of had a bearing on these (the 3rd season which we finished last week was really disappointing) or that our bedder-½ yesterday was saying how a collegues on a zoom call had a parrot on their shoulder but when our bedder-½ told us to sneak a peak (from the side where we wouldn't be seen) the parrot was gone. Most of our daytime communication w/ our bedder-½ is like this, they talk to us in ventriloquy or covering their mouth wile we stand off to the side bringing coffee or berries. We also had bird on the brain for all of 2020 (as evidenced by Herd of Birds).

We watched the Murder Among the Mormons series on Netflix last night (wich had no birds in it), wich (spoiler alert!) ain't so much about corruption in the church of LSD but a fascinating look @ the art of forgery. There's a reason they call em con-artists, cuz there's an art to it, the art of deception. And changing Joseph Smith's gold-plated vision from a white angel to a white salamander was genius, morphing Smith's spiritual epiphany into an acid trip that degraded the church of LSD from religion to pagan folk magic. That Mark Hofman dude fooled every 1 on multiple occassions, inklooting the F.B.I. + University of California. The true hero of the story was George Throckmorton, the forensic document examiner that figured out they were phakes, the misanthrope who introduces himself by saying he doesn't like people + dat when he gets a document every 1 thinks is authentic he sets out to prove it's not + when he gets a document every 1 thinks is forged he sets out to prove it's authentic... this is what sighence is all about, yo! But the show hardly menshuns him + instead tries to set it up as a vast conspiracy within the church of LSD... the title itself is bound to piss off them church members who've made it clear they think the term "mormon" is derogatory. Not only that, evidently we ain't sposed to shorten it to LDS either but need to reefer to them as "members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Day-later-day Saints". Good luck w/ that. Sure them mormun spies is out there now scouring the Inurnet + will put a bomb on our door-step tomorrow.

While we was on a forgery kick, we watched Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art, which was a movie (also Netflix) about the Knoedler Gallery scandal in NYC a decade or 2 ago, how Glafir Rosales duped Ann Freedman into buying knock-offs by the likes of Rothko + Pollock for millions of dollhairs. The true hero of this movie is Pei-Shen Qian, the Chinese artist that painted the phakes... if ppl can't tell the diffrence, what does it madder? Them high-flutin rich ppl deserve to be duped cuz they's more into the prestige of ownership than wat the painting actually looks like... @ the end of day all dat shd madder is what the art does to the viewer.

untitled by Pei-Shen Qian

untitled by Pei-Shen Qian

P.S. Another movie about deception we recently watched (but didn't note in our film log) was Can You Ever Forgive Me?, about Lee Israel (played by Melissa McCarthy), a struggling writer who ends up forging spiced-up letters by the likes of Dorothy Parker to make ends meat.

P.P.S. Happy St Patrick.

P.P.P.S. (speaking of dreams) 3 residuals from the forthcoming Residue in Heavy Feather Review.

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