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Sole-searching for mandala #8 along the C+O toe-path beyond a shadow of a doubt


26 March 2021> Last night watched the Biggie Smalls documentary + then started to watch Seaspiracy but it was awful. Tonight saw Captain Fantastic, where Viggo Mortensen lives w/ his kids off the grid in Idaho (wich was bedder than title makes it sound). Then rewatched Pollock + rememberd wat an asshole he was.

30 March> The last few nights saw Shadow of a Doubt, an early Hitchcock film + Tina, documentary about Tina Turner + River Wild which we knew would be awful but watched it anyway cuz we're on this river kick. Got our 2nd shot yesterday. Feel good today, can't even feel where she jabbed us... in fact, like last time we almost feel super-charged like we was given a gamma-globulin shot. Walked there + back (12–13 miles) so maybe that helped (they're saying a lot of ppl are getting sick from the 2nd shot). Walked 6-8 miles/day the 2 days before so walked a marathon over the last 3 days (+ then ran 6 miles just now). Walked down past the mall (the fence around the capitol finally gone) + back along the waterfront where the Potomac + Anacostia converge. Also drank a lot of water after our shot, figured we'd just flush them antibodies thru. We had a funny taste in our mouth for a few minutes after (probly psychological) + our ears were ringing, but our ears are always ringing, especially when we're making music, which we've bin doing a lot of lately. We'll probly need a booster by the time we go to Italy in August... either that or let ourselves get covid now while the symptoms wouldn't be bad. Seems the only way to fight this is repeated exposure.

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March 31> Started watching the Allen vs. Farrow documentary on HBO... it's always puzzled us that Woody Allen keeps making films + people support/defend him. It's not a case of he-said/she-said when Allen had sex w/ his adopted daughter (effectively) + then married her. Just goes to show a good legal/PR team trumps a moral compass.

After blogging about Tao Lin a few posts ago (+ saying how he never got back to us in regards to buying his art) he emailed to let us know he had prints for sale, which makes us sorta self-conchus cuz we din't think our Life in the Blog of Ghosts was on the radar of living humun entitties (or search ingenes... from the stats we see the only traffic we get from search engines is really obscure, misspellings or randum jibberish, like last month these are the only strings that led browsers to (w/ 1 hit each): {barberini coat, malawian young girls fuked, particlescqm, pissing kid, popes walls in rome maps, shoulderjtt + voy inch manuscript american plants}). It made us go back + read what we wrote to make sure we din't say nothing mean. We don't want to self-sensor wat we write hear... not that we aren't self-aware that sumbody will read this, we just figured it wouldn't be no 1 we know/knew, at least not in our life-time or at least the near future. Anyways, we got a print (unfortunately he don't sell originals), mandala #8 + he also sent us a free 1 for our mom which was sweet, so thanks Tao. Guess this is how folks communecake in this day + age (for those not on social media). Our friends in D.C. we communecake by leaving books in liebury booxes in their hoods.

cannabais mandala (hard to find art that works w/ the wallpaper in our bedroom )

mandala #8

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