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Flushing pipes, snaking drains + filtering lint from tributaries to launch Residue


10 April 2021> Watched The Outsiders probly for the dozenth time, for G, then watched The Sapphires, which was good, but cd of bin even bedder w/o that white savior charactor (the drunk Irish manager who sposedly teaches them soul music), specially cuz were reading now how in the true story they learned of R + B from a Maori band they'd bin doing backing vocals for prior to going to Vietnam (w/o no white manager), this wd of made the movie even more intresting... strange considering the screenwriter (Tony Briggs) is the son of 1 of the original real Sapphires.

Got 20 tributary songs finished w/ lyrics... now all we got to do is get our bedder-½ to sing em. the 1 we wrote this week is for Gian so maybe we'll release that 1 earlier in tribute, stay tuned.

Sold our land in New Mexico, which is a nice chunk of change... not that we needed to sell it but the neighbors wanted to buy it so they cd get goats, which sounded like a good reason to us (bedder than them sleazey land developers that spam us w/ offers). weird thing is the agent's name is Ginni DiRaddo so when we get emails we keep thinking that Gian DiTrapano is still out there sending us messages. also coming up on the 2-yr anniversary of when we moved into this place.

12 April> Watched Philomena (2013) 2 nights ago + last night Baraka (1992) + The Last Blockbuster (2020) which really brought back memories. our bedder-½ laid down vocals for 6-7 songs so now we're in mixing/embellishment mode. bin doing a lot of spring cleaning/maintenance, changing filters, cleaning pipes, etc. flushed out our tankless hot water heater + snaked the laun-dryer ducts of lint. got a Brita water filter, new vacuum cleaner Hepa filters, etc. having stream of conchusness dreams lately dat are hard to pud in words cuz they don't really halve plots. weave bin sleeping w/ a river sound running all night (iPhone ap), maybe dat's got sumping to do w/ it. w/ all this in mind we decided to launch Residue early (official date is 5/1) + if u order it straight from Calamari we'll inkloot a 5"x7" original print:

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