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1 none alias in non-nomadland rounding-up ½-scene books + film


29 April 2021> Posted an unquestion + sum known aliases on Sleepingfish. Have bin terrible about posting flix weve scene, hear's sum of what weve watched these past few weeks:

  • The Movies mini-series, which goes into each deckaid of movies, so far watched pre-50s, 60s + 70s... wd like to go in2 a deep dive of each decade after each, but we're a bit limited about what we can see + seams weave also seen or re-scene most of the films listed in the past year ± 2.
  • Sunset Boulevard + Maltese Falcon—re-watched these after watching the above '50s episode
  • started to watch Variety Lights (1950) the 1st film (co-directed) by Fellini, but wasn't into it
  • We Children from Bahnhof Zoo series was ok, tho really we want to see the originul Christiane F. (1981) but can't find it nowhere + trigger warning, there's needles galore... not sure what we were thinking, we spent ½ the time looking away til our bedder-½ told us it was ok
  • Promising Young Woman—guess this had it's moments + we like Carey Mulligan, but the ending falls short... curtainly din't deserve best screenplay Oscar, but guess it's the timing of this as a sort of #metoo revenge flick
  • Got about 5 minutes into Leolo (1992) but thought it was stupid
  • Also got about 5 minutes into Ripley's Game (2003) before abandoning that. After seeing Matt Damon as Mr. Ripley, John Malkovich doesn't cut it.
  • The Terrorist (1999)—Sri Lankan film about a suicide bomber's final days (tho it's not really a political movie). Sum of the cinematography was good, but a lot of the acting was pretty B-grade
  • Watched 2 Song Exploders, the 1s for "Nine Inch Nails— Hurt" + "R.E.M.—Losing My Religion" which were intresting, or at least an intresting idea, would like to see more of these, (about the making of albums or songs)
  • Watched Nomadland the night before it was awarded best picture, but thought it was pretty pedestrian, tho it brought back memories of the nomadic phases in our life, when we lived in a camper for a few years in the 80s + then in a van for a few years in the 90s. And we like Frances McDormand, but does she reelly deserve a 3rd oscar for that? We don't agree w/ affirmative action in respect to art or things like the Oscars—that they shd throw em bones for the sake of blackness—but this is the 1 year the 4 major awards were all worthy of black actors/films + this doesn't even count Steve McQueen's 5 movies that were called a series when a few of them cd of bin Oscar-winning movies in their own right. Then again, we've always thought it was silly that people give a fuck what the "academy" thinks.
  • Napoleon Dynamite—hadn't seen it in a while, still classic
  • Exterminate All the Brutes—we're a few episodes in2 this but can only take so much, as a white person makes u want to kill yourself. Reconfirms that everything "western civiliation" is founded upon is a malicious farce.
  • Started to watch some dumb movie about Billie Holiday before realizing it was the documentary Billie that we really wanted to see, which was worth watching

We're also way behind on our ½-red book round-up, books that come thru our book box that we peruse but abandon for the sake of our burgeoning to-read pile (+ 4 the benefit of our liebury box):

  • The Philsophy of Andy Warhol—perused a good deal of this cuz we're sumhat intrigued by Warhol, but not that much, seams a bit of a hodge-podge of whatever.
  • Anagrams by Lorrie Moore—was into the 1st few stories, but then our intrest waned.
  • Collage by Bernard A. Quaterman, Jr.—bad poetry
  • Spine by Rodney Gomez—more bad poetry, but then again what do we know about poetry
  • You Try and I Love You For That by Margot Terc—really bad poetry, sometimes superimposed over bad nature photograpy
  • A Theft by Saul Bellow—many times we've tried to like Saul Bellow, but just don't get it
  • Water Music by T.C. Boyle—thought we might be into this since we're on a river kick, but didn't get too far
  • The Diviners by Rick Moody—maybe wd of read more if it was ½ as many pages, but seemed a tedious + daunting undertaking
  • The Drummer by Anthony Neil Smith—might have bin intrested in this but i know nothing about the band Savage Night
  • How I Grew by Mary McCarthy—can't even remember why we even started to read this
  • Model Behavior by Jay McInerney—kinda feel McInerney had 1 good book in him (Bright Lights, Big City)
  • This is a Book by Demetri Martin—back when we worked at Comedy Central + our friend put out a Demetri Martin album we member reading sum of his writings + thinking sum 1 shd put a book of his... guess sum 1 did. There's sum funny stuff hear, but it's a bit much just reading a whole book of jokes + u miss out on his delivery, wd rather just listen to his stand-up
  • The Blacks: A Clown Show by Jean Genet—wasn't sure what to think of this, guess it's still ahead of it's time (or behind, depending on your perspective)
  • Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock's Most Infamous Anarchist by Laura Jane Grace—again, might have bin more intrested in this if we were familiar w/ Against Me! (her band)
  • A Man in Full by Tom Wolfe—maybe if the pandemic was gunna extend another year might tackle this, but realistically no way we can tackle a 1000 pg novel right now
  • N + 1—skimmed this to see what's going on in the lit world (tho it's 10+ years old!), the MFA vs NYC article was intresting

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