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A pigeon + D'J Pancake reflecting on girders + elevator shaft drops to put Residue on the street


30 April 2021> Our brother Chaulky would be 56 today if he was still kicking.

1 May 2021> Our mother would be 86 today if she didn't depart last summer. Officially released Residue today so u can get it in the Amazons of el mundo. We still got sum free original prints for those that order direct from us.

2 nights ago we watched Apocalypse Now. We've probly seen it at least 20 times, about 1x a year + since the redux version came out we only watch that 1. Seams important they all get laid (except chief), the youngin's @ the flooded playboy camp + Willard @ the French plantation. Also saw Jaws (rounding out our '70s theme), which weave also sceen @ least a dozen times. Last night saw Giant, for the 2nd or 3rd time, but it's bin a while + previous times we always struggled to stay awake for the end, which was dumb so we never did miss much.

May 2> Finally saw the 3rd movie in Roy Andersson's "Living" trilogy, A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence. It's bin out for 7 years, but we've never bin able to see it anywhere so finally just rented it. Andersson is in a league of his own, any + all of them are up there in our all time favorite movies.

May 3> Watched Moonstruck just cuz Olympia Dukakis died, probly like the 10th time we've seen it, classic.

May 6> Last night there was sum sort of crime committed + a bunch of wanna-be sleuth types went to this park to hunt for evidence before the police closed the park off as a crime scene. We were trying to be inconspicuous since we weren't sposed to be looking for evidence + since the park had a lot of homeless people (felt like People's Park in Berkeley) we carried a mattress on our back. The mattress gave us an excuse to go slow + look at the ground to scan for clues, but we couldn't use our hands to pick anything up since we was holding onto the mattress. There was another guy next to us that was being far less discreet + we told him to chill out, that they'd kick us all out if they cot us sleuthing + that we'd tell him if we saw sumthing. He was saying the smoking gun was a book + started to grab 1 + we said no not that 1, that we'd remember which book it was when we saw it + then we saw it, sumthing w/ "Snipes" or "Snopes" in the title. So he grabbed the book + tucked it into his jacket + we fled the park. We walked back to an apartment + we went to drop off the mattress + also a bike that we'd apparently been riding. This other guy waiting for the elevator was like look at that asshole wanting to be the hero + it was the guy who we told to pick up the Snipes book, talking to the media + holding up the book bragging about how he found the smoking gun. We said yah we know, that we were the 1 who spotted it + he said we shd go say sumthing but we said we didn't care + had to drop off our stuff 1st. We crammed into an elevator + pressed the top floor button but could feel the elevator going down. We got off in the basement + walked around back to the lobby + before we got back to the elevator these 2 girls ran ahead + crammed into the elevator w/ the guy + he was laughing at us like haha + we said it was ok, we'd take the stairs. The stairs u also had to push a button for + wait + it was sum complicated contraption that ran vertically at a slight slant. Sum woman who knew how it ran was telling us how to work it, pressing buttons on + off cuz we'd pressed the wrong 1. There was about a dozen of us crammed in this thing + we got to the 4th floor but rather than stop, the sideways elevator went into a vertical shaft + we started falling in free-fall. It seamed to take forever + our ears were popping + we had lots of time to ponder weather 4 floors was enough to kill us or just maim us. We hit the ground but we din't feel no pain + then next thing we knew we were laying in a hospital bed. We felt normal, but didn't want to check beneath the blankets to see if we still had legs. There were other victims there + we asked the nurse if every 1 lived + she said no.

@ another point in the night we had bin climbing up on this mountain + our partners left but we wanted to stay. This "climbing" activity consisted of crawling along this roof + finding steel girders to place bolts. The roof was all decaying + caving in in spots so we tried to stick to where the structural supports were. It was getting cloudy + cold + we were wondering why we were doing this, that it was sposed to be sum "fun" activity but wasn't fun + then we tried to justify it by saying we needed the exorcise, but we were crawling vertically + slowly. We figured we had our reputation to keep since we told our friends we were staying to climb but who would know if we did it or not since we were alone? Another activity took place in a pool, there was this old geezer who was apparently getting perfect scores in diving + we were thinking it must be senior olympics but it was regular olympics + we were thinking no way this guy could dive gracefully. He did a sloppy dive off the side just like how ppl randomly jump into a pool w/ legs buckling + every 1 thought it was perfect but we didn't get it.

Bin reading The Stories of Breece D'J Pancake. A few months ago we started to read a book we found in our liebury boox by Ann Pancake, who apparently is a cousin of this Breece D'J + it reminded us that it was Breece D'J that we'd bin meaning to read, probly cuz Gian told us about him (also from West Virginia), a sort of Appalachian Hemingway who killed himself young before he even had a book out, a shame cuz he probly cd of bin 1 helluva writer. Lot of drinking + fighting, which guess is more intresting in a book then on screen, but still it's all a bit manly for our tastes.

Other than that just starting to do regular stuff like go to the dentist or out to eat or doing our shopping in a store. Have 13 songs for Tributaries finished + mixed, 12 to go.

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