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Alone in an armchair viewing Alone on the Wall + Crip Camp 2 clear the Q 4 more headroom 2 Quit


11 May 2021> We were travelling sumwhere + fell in w/ a group of travellers, 1st on a boat in the rain, then we were driving a VW bug ('70s or '80s) + we was bragging that we had a '66 + this other girl said she had a '32 bug + we said u beat me, how did u get that? + she said her dad was a car dealer. We said '65 was the best year cuz of the headlights, how they gave them eyelashes. Then we got rammed in the side by sum other car. We got out fearing there'd be sum argument but this girl gets out saying "I'm so ditzy, sorry" + hands us 2 electronic bracelets + we had no idea what they were but evidently it’s what people do when they get in accidents these days. We said shouldn’t we at least get your name + address? 1 of our fellow travellers opened a notebook 2 take notes but this girl was reluctant 2 give her real name. Then we left in this bug, which cd barely even start on a hill. When we finally got 2 the destination, (sum locker room where we were sposed 2 shower b4 we got massages + our bedder-½ was there + we was telling them about our crazy ordeal, how these people we was with were arrested 4 shoplifting, how we were in an accident + other events we didn’t toetilly remember.

15 May> We were driving against last night, in a big Suburban, but don't member much else except all the passengers were so tall that their heads hit the ceiling + this made us really claustrophobic + we were going on 2 our bedder-½ (the onely other short person) about the merits of headroom + high ceilings.

We've bin reading Alone on the Wall by Alex Honnold, sort of weird cuz part of it is written in italicized 1st person but then a David Roberts fills in the gaps writing in 3rd person. We was just planning on skimming it (sum 1 left it in our liebury boox) but found ourself engrossed, sum of the shit Alex pulled is sick, even b4 free soloing El Cap. Comes off as a bit of a brat in his writing tho.

Besides our liebury boox (left), those roses are insanely popular, seems every 5 minutes folks are posing in front of them + also them purple flowers, neither of which we planted + we due nothing really 2 upkeep them. That arm chair in the background was left in front of the abandoned church a few days ago, we're guessing it will be years b4 sum 1 removes it. Rat inspection ppl were out there last week + we went out + told them how from our upstairs window at night we see a steady stream of rats running in + out of that church + showed them the access points, but there's nothing they can do about since it's private property. So the abandoned church has become a safe haven 4 the rats... spose that's what churches are 4. Haven't seen any cicadas yet. We saw holes in the ground that maybe they were diging in prep 4 temps 2 reach 64° + 1 night in Malcolm X park we saw dozens if not hundreds of rats, but no cicadas. Once brood X comes there'll be even more rats.

Things we've watched this past week or 2... we decided 2 quit Netflix cuz their selection sucks lately, so a lot of these we watched just 2 clear our Q:

  • Life in Color w/ David Attenborough series (★★★)—feels like a farewell party 4 Attenborough
  • My Happy Family (★★★★★)—Georgian movie that was 1 of the better movies we've seen this year, certainly better than Nomadland
  • Sons of Sam series (★★)—more about this guy uncovering a conspiracy that involved more than Son of Sam, but not sure we bought it or even care
  • started 2 watch the Capitani series but wasn't really into it
  • White Boy (★★★★)—the interesting thing about this documentary is that it's the white kid that served more jail time than his black counterparts
  • American Factory (★★)—Obama documentary about a Chinese company that takes over a defunkt GM plant
  • Night of the Living Dead (1968) (★★★★★)—2nd or 3rd time we've seen it but the 1st time 4 our bedder-½... way ahead of it's time, lot more than just a zombie movie
  • Malcolm & Marie (★★★)—this has bin in our Q 4 quite a while cuz the thought of watching a 2-hour movie of a couple fighting doesn't sound like much fun + it pretty much lived up 2 our expectation (good acting tho + the house is cool)
  • The Midnight Sky (★)—didn't get very far into this, seemed pretty stupid
  • Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution (★★★★★)—brilliant inspiring documentary

Other than that just working on our next album, have 17 songs finished (mixed but not mastered) + as we speak our bedder-½ is laying down vocals for 3 or 4 more.

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