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ctrl+V to W the 4/25 sound of sickaid-ahhs in the White-noised wing


1 June 2021> June's already here, crazy. Haven't been blogging much lately (if that's what u call this). Haven't been rem-embering dreams neither, or they're too vague to articulate. Mostly weave just been working on Tributaries... we have all 25 songs finished + mixed, now we're just arranging/
collaging them w/ interstitial sounds into an album, which like the previous Sound ƒuries albums is designed to be a proper vinyl LP (or double LP in this case) w/ 4 sides... even tho we ain't sure we'll cut it on vinyl, mostly just cuz of the timing of it, unless we get it pressed in Italy like our 1st album, by an outfit that happens to be in Bologna, so perhaps this was meant to be. Like w/ the others there'll be little or no gaps between songs, as if really there's 4 songs (each side), each about 20 minutes, that together form 1 long (1hr20min) song, Tributaries, ideally listened 2 in 1 continuous stream.

Speaking of streams + noise, the cicadas have moved up into the trees + have started singing + mating (lots of pairs stuck together in coitus interruptus on the sidewalks + paths). It was unseasonably cold over this past weekend which worried us but it warmed up yesterday + we went for a walk (not many of them in our hood) into Rock Creek to hear them + today we went running to their sound.

Cicada din:

Cicadas while walking:

Cicadas above a stream:

Sound of the stream (the cold morning before):


Obviously weave bin gathering sounds for our album. There's an article in the W post about how the W in cicada wings are harbingers for war, but we think the W stands for White noise.

seems Brood W would've been a better name than Brood X

Or W stands for world wide web or woodpecker, which we saw a gathering of 3 xtra large 1s, perhaps fat from eating too many cicadas.

What Ls? Had sum collages from 4ier X-forms published in ctrl + v (under the guise of No One). Movie-wise, this is what we watched this past week:

  • Star Trek (★★★★)—watched most of season 1 + 2 + a few classic 1s from season 3 (including the 1 where Kirk kisses Uhura in the 1st inter-racial kiss on TV) so we could cancel our Netflix
  • It's a Sin (★★★★)—series about being gay in London in the early 80s
  • Funny Boy (★★★)—movie about kid growing up gay in Sri Lanka
  • The Hustler (★★★★)—Paul Newman movie for some reason we never saw before
  • Streetcar Named Desire (★★★★)—re-watched this cuz we were in a 50s mood
  • The Amityville Horror (★★★)—re-watched cuz we were in the mood for horror
  • Minnie and Moskowitz (★★★★)—classic Cassavettes w/ Gena Rowlands... weird thing is Val Avery was in The Amityville Horror + we'd never seen him but were talking about how flat his character was + then he suddenly appears in Minnie and Moskowitz as a totally different character, like we'd gone down a Val Avery rabbit hole... got us to thinking it must be a thing where people watch movies consecutively w/ the same bit or supporting actors
  • started to watch Nico, 1988 (★) but wasn't into it, then again we was never into Nico in her prime so not sure why we thougth we'd be interested in a washed-up Nico 2 decades later
  • Goodfellas (★★★★★)—we've probly seen this a dozen times + it never gets old, tho this time we thought the ending was too abrupt, how he suddenly goes into witness protection.
  • Mare of Eastown (★★★)—worthwhile new series w/ Kate Blanchett


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