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June in July smelling pink papayas thinking no 1 belongs here more than U


6 June 2021> Had a dinner party last night, for our bedder-½'s team. We've had a few people over here + there these past few months since being vaxinated, but weird to have a dozen ppl in our house, sum of whom it was their 1st time "going out" since the pandemic. Cooked up a feast of shrimp (green) enchiladas, cheese (red) enchiladas, tuna cevice/poisson cru (w/ coconut milk), coconut rice, 3 different salsas, guacomole, black bean tacos + of course cicadas. Got tons of leftovers so we'll be eating this stuff for the next few days.

Weird how we all transitioned back to relative normalcy just like that, seeing ppl in Trader Joe's w/o masks on. Now it's the onslaught of folks going nuts making up for last time.

7 June> Giving our album a last listen. We said this yesterday but this time we mean it, just making little tweaks here + there + now just listening to make sure we didn't break nothing. Then we'll master it per side, then cut it up into singles. Still not sure if we'll cut it onto vinyl.

When Miranda July's No One Belongs Here More Than You came out we resisted reading it cuz it seemed too preciously hip for our tastes, but we found it in a boox the other day + red + wasn't so bad.

Watched Scent of Green Papaya last night which, again, don't think we saw in the '90s cuz it seemed too precious + quaint. It was pretty boring. Then watched The Crow cuz our bedder-½ hadn't seen it... not sure how intresting it would be if Brandon Lee hadn't gotten shot making it. Also watching Gomorroah season 3... just when we were complaining about how the series doesn't go into the day-to-day collateral damage of the mafia (which was what made the movie so intresting), they're finally showing this sorta stuff, the consequences of organized crime on regular folk working regular jobs on the periphery.

Not much else going on, starting to wrap our head around the idea of leaving for Italy in August + what we'll work on when we're there.

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