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Time-released chivas + visas w/in our ongoing mov/ideo log while maintaining 0.05%


11 June 2021> Saw our mom for the 1st time since she died last summer. We were at her house in Mexico + these ppl were going door-to-door offering to paint houses + assign a name of a spirit animal. We said chiva (goat) but then said we better clear it w/ our mom since it was her house so we went down to this cafe where she was hanging out. She was laying on the counter cuz she was too big to sit in a chair, lounging across + almost falling off at 1 point. She was w/ some dapper old guy + they were shooting the shit having a good time + we told her there were ppl at the house to paint it + assign a spirit animal so she got the check + they gave her change in $50 + $13 dollar bills (not sure what the currency was but the bills were all colorful) + she had to ask them to change it into smaller bills so she could leave a tip. We started walking back to the house + was worried she wd have a hard time walking but she was super energetic + sprightly, almost running. We said u must be tired after the long flight + she said to the contrary, that she had pent up excess energy. We asked who the guy was + she said it was sum guy who was on her flight just to steal her pot + we said that din't make sense, that he shd of been on her return flight, that no body would bring weed from the U.S. to Mexico. We got back to her place + these people were painting all the houses tacky bright colors + there was new graffiti in the time span since we went to get our mom. Can't member what we decided about a spirit animal.

Otherwise we haven't had much nocturnal activity so far this year, guess we need to take magnesium.

Posted this piece by Leuci Cidae on Sleepingfish 2020+ (≠ 404):

12 June> Watched the David Bowie documentary Stardust not knowing until the end that Bowie's estate didnt give rights to use the music, which was really silly, how can u make a documentary about him touring America + not have his music in it?

13 June> Watched Pasolini's Teorama... not sure how we missed this 1 as it's 1 of his best, think we tried to watch it before but could never find it anywhere. Then we saw Booksmart, which wasn't bad for a millenial teen film. Pretty sure no 1 has ever seen those 2 as a double feature, but 100% certain no 1 has then seen Eating Raoul to round out the trifecta. Hadn't seen Eating Raoul since the '80s, not sure it's stood the test of time.

14 June> Watched Another Round, we dig Mads Mikkelsen + it has an intresting premise, based on the psychiatrist Finn Skårderud's theory that maintaining a blood alcohol content of 0.05% makes you more creative, relaxed + productive, that humuns are actually deficient + mainting 0.05% is a mere normalization. Since we were watching movies about the merits of binge drinking figured we'd rewatch Sideways, which is always classic (probly seen it a dozen times).

15 June> Finished season 4 of Gomorrah then watched Less Than Zero which maybe we've seen ½ a dozen times. Finished the last of our videos for our Tributaries album yesterday, all 25 of them... essentially a feature-length film (1 hr 40 min)! We spent ½ the year making this album + now we're gonna spend the next ½ releasing it, 1 track per week starting July 9th, in reverse order from the album... tho we've already leaked the last track #25, Kanawha. We've got them loaded onto YouTube + Bandcamp, scheduled to be released every Friday. Mostly we did this as a backup in case our computer or plane to Italy crashes, but then we got to thinking what if we died but our music got released anyway? This got us to wondering if any 1 has died + fooled ppl into thinking they're still alive by scheduling content to go up after their death? Can 1 schedule tweets on Twitter or posts on Instagram?

16 June> Got our Italian visa, so now everything's in order to begin our re-ex-patriation!

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