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Breaking in to show others how to escape NYC


28 June 2021 | Brooklyn>Was on a train don't know where but we had a 2-3 hour layover so we got off + walkd around the city. We saw a zoo in the distance + walked twards it. There were giraffes + elephants etc. that u cd see from the outside, all in the same enclosure. Then there was this tiger cub walking next to us twards the enclosure. Seamed like it wanted to get in + we contemplated picking it up + throwing it over the fence, but the little tiger found this little hole to get back in, presumably the same hole it snuck out from. Right when it got in it turned around + squeezed back out thru the same hole + a lion cub followed it, as if the tiger specifically went in just to show the other animals how to get out. Then a larger male lion cub w/ a mane starting to came thru the hole... it was like w/ each animal that squeezed thru the hole started to get bigger. We weren't so worry about the first small cubs, but they were starting to get bigger + we got worried. We started to run but then had to scamper up these cliffs that was hard to go fast + then we were climbing almost vertical + realized paying attention to the route in front of us was more important than just running blindly ahead. We downclimbed + found an easier way up to the top.

2 days in Brooklyn... 1 day we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge + it was as unpleasant as ever (it was early so we thought there wouldn't be too many ppl... we thought wrong). Walked around downtown + then took the ferry to Red Hook. L + M met us in Red Hook + we walked around + then walked back along waterfront, got pizza sat in sum park + ppl watched then met D, A + C later for ramen + then to BGH bar, which was still weird to be in a crowded bar drinking. 28,000 steps in all (~11 miles) + hot. Another day we walked thru Park Slope. M + L met us at a Farmer's market + we hung at their apartment in Winsor Terrace + met their cat Bruce (that probly had a bearing on the above dream) then walked around Prospect Park in the heat + got sum snacks + this smorgasbard thing w/ all these food carts. Then met G for sushi Another 10-11 miles.

where we used to live in 2009 (to the right of ENV).


Manhattan as seen from the ferry

Red Hook



Now on the train to Philly. Figured we'd get off in Philly since it's been years since we've been.

890 <(current)> 892> We were called morbid specimens müttering curiously in the magic gardens of Philly
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