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B-gin w/ earhorror 2 A-count 4 dbook DLs in a sorta dry July


2 July 2021> More or less finished slapping paypal btns back up on the site + fixing dead links so Calamari Archive is back in busyness, w/ Lutz as co-librarian. After giving all dbooks away free during the pandemic, we put a paywall back up for most. We gave away well over 10,000 free dbooks during the pandemic, hear's the ruff # of DLs for sum of the books (our stats only show top 10 downloads per month, so there's probly plenty more than this):

  • 4ier X-forms—5863 (not inklooting the 4 sub-books that went into it which also were downloaded thousands of times... all 5 remain free to view/download).
  • Motorman by David Ohe—1045
  • Sister Stop Breathing by Chiara Barzini—744
  • 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' vols 0–1—643 (also still free to download)
  • Textiloma episode 5—487 (each of the 12 episodes is separate PDF, w/ similar #s of DLs, still free)
  • A Raft Manifest—510 (still free)
  • Ark Codex ± 0—478 (still free... when we 1st released it, sum 25,000 ppl downloaded it in the first few months)
  • The Becoming—303
  • Sleepingfish zer0—255 (still free)
  • Sleepingfish 0.75—123
  • The Red Barn by Nat Baldwin—214
  • Stories in the Worst Way by Gary Lutz—206
  • Ever by Blake Butler—195
  • Divorcer by Gary Lutz—165
  • Spiritual Turkey Beggar Baste Mechanism by Sandy Baldwin—163 (the separate Trapezoidal Juggernaut was downloaded a similar # of times, both remain free)
  • The Singing Fish by Peter Markus—136
  • Mining in Black Hills—122 (still free)
  • History of Luminous Motion by Scott Bradfield—121
  • City Moon 18—109 (each of the 18 issues downloaded a similar # of times, still free)

+ then there's HTML-based content that's also free, like The Gotham Grammarian + Sleepingfish, speaking of wich, we posted a new piece on Sleepingfish 2020+ (≠ 404), "Begin w/ errror,," by David Greenspan. We also gave away 100s of books + albums in our liebury boox + other book boxes around D.C.

After a 4-day weekend of drinking in NYC, not to mention drinking the remnants of all the hooch folks left at our place after our party a few weeks ago, decided to try a dry July. We a'tempted a dry January 6 months ago but then all hell broke loose in the Capitol + we said fuck it, need to cope, then wanted to celebrate when Biden was confirmed. Also declared we was gonna lose 5-10 lbs last Jan + maybe we did but we gained it back, now back to ~170+.

3 July 2021> So much for our mid-year resolution... had a bottle of wine last night (it was Friday night + our bedder-½ got a raise so we celebrated). But now there's only 1 bottle left + we won't buy no more after that.

Made sum 3-d art last week, a sort of Cornellish collage:

Mineareye's d-zzz (2021)—mixed media

Speaking of Ménière's, it ain't bin so bad these past few months, despite the drinking + eating salt + all the things the doctor told us not to eat.

Movies weave watched this past week or so:

  • California Split (★★★★)—classic Altman gambling movie w/Elliott Gould
  • Carnal Knowledge (★★★)—Art Garfunkel actually ain't all that bad + Jack's always Jack
  • My Left Foot (★★★★)—don't think we've re-seen this since it came out in theatres
  • Waiting for Guffman (★★★★★)—not sure why we haven't seen this before (think we confused it w/ A Mighty Wind, which we wasn't crazy about), but classic Guest/Levy
  • Best in Show (★★★★)—another classic Guest/Levy, seen it quite a few times
  • Night Moves (★★★)—1979 neo-noir w/ Gene Hackman + a very young Melanie Griffith
  • Smooth Talk (★)—only reason we kept watching is cuz it's Laura Dern's 1st film
  • Cutter's Way (★★★★)—another neo-noir w/ a young Jeff Bridges + John Heard
  • The Crime of the Century(★★★)—HBO documentary about opiod epidemic + the Sackler drug cartel

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