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Tributary #24: "Styx"


16 July 2021> "Styx"—the 24th track on Tributaries—ain't much of a song... @1:14 it's the shortest on the album + 1 of 2 instrumentals + "Styx" is 1 of 2 fictitious rivers featured on Tributaries (the other being "Pishon")... unless you count "Oceanus." "Styx" was actually a piece broken off from track #25, "Kanawha" + yes, that's Gian's voice ½ -way thru saying "i was born & raised in West Virginia" & that's Jean Ritchie (pitch-shifted + distorted) singing "i was born + raised @ the mouth of the Hazard Holler" (in West Virginia). The voice @ the very beginning is Luigi Serafini (of Codex Seraphinianus fame) talking about the Fountain of 4 Rivers in Rome (where Gian was living when he died), followed by a sample from "The Daily Noose" off our 1st album, un (we wanted there to be a river-related snippet from Sound Furies' previous 3 albums on Tributaries) + that's Joseph Campbell @ the end saying "+ the waters flowed + the world was refreshed." Not much else to say about this stream, think we was just riffing between Em + C + messing around on piano. Hear's the vid:

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