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Asemic living in the hear + now in a fortnight 2 cull our liebury boox 4 Bologna


31 July 2021> mailed the last of books to G in Penn + 1's brother came yesterday + dropped off sum lingering things that were @ 1's mom's house, including this Garuda statue that belonged to brother-½ Chaulky (co-author of Textiloma):

Rudy the Garuda statue

Rudy (as he's declared we call him) has complicated the totemic power dynamic in (0 + 1)'s house w/ Singha (who's been w/ 1 since a trip to Indonesia (also Rudy's home country) in 1989) + Xul, who last year exerted his αlphα dominance over our casa > hear's Rudy (w/ glasses) in Chaulky's house circa the late '80s, w/ Chaulky + cat in a classic state of bored repose (his natural state 99% of the time):

Chaulky White on couch next to Rudy

1 Aug> August has arrived w/ it's Dog dayzzz... still in semi-self-isolation ever since our friend J got covid after being at (0 + 1)'s place last weekend > (0 + 1) tested negative x2 but still, better to play it safe > J triggered the contact tracers 2 contact us (+ (0 + 1) just submitted yet another test)... evidently J's the 1st break-thru case in D.C. so J had 2 b a guinea pig

3 Aug> 14 days til liftoff > feeling in limbo lately > hard 2 bee in the moment when 1 anticipates such a move @ such a time > time's a funny thing as it accumulates more + more behind 1, pushing 1 farword > how much of 1's life did 1 live in the moment? versus how much 1 appreciates in retrospect? 1 thinks about such things often when running, which is a microcosm of what we're getting @ ... not that 1 anticipates running, feels more of a necessary obligation that 1 nose wheel be thankful 4 afterword > while 1 runs 1 usually just wants 2 get it overwith > we've been running or exorcising almost daily 4 our entire life... ~1 hr out of 24 of physical exertion

> suppose while 1's sleeping 1's living in the moment, cuz we got no concept of anticipation of the future + our memary of the past is limited to whatever bubbles up to the surfizz > wake up in the mourning + think about what's for dinner > planning the shopping list in 1's head, what's in fridge, etc... imagine those that live day 2 day, not knowing where the next meal will come from? we no it's just a matter of choice + in the context of Thriver meme (where we claim there ain't such thing as free will) 1 wonders what's behind the impulses 2 due what 1 does even if 1 has the dillusion 1's acting under their one free will > in order 2 write Thriver meme 1 needs 2 not halve a predetourmined list of things 1's gunna say + detourmine where they'll fit in the textual scheme of things but just write in 1 sitting w/ no preconceived notion letting 1 word lead 2 the next in 1 fell swoop > 1 shouldn't need 2 go back + edit yo

> the ducks 1 has 2 get in a row are hitting a moving target in regards to these extra covid requirements for flying to Europe, so many stipulations 1st to even get on the plane + then fly in transit thru Germany + then to enter Italy... a jumbled list 1 can't make cents of, if A then B unless C or D then if + only if E + who nose how these conditions will change next week w/ things spiking the way they are ... originally (0 + 1) wanted to fly in July which wd have been great but back when 0 booked our ticket (0 + 1) was thinking it better to go later in the summer to give this covid shit a chance to settle down... little did we know this 𝛿elta variant wd cause a resurgence

> this dwelling on the nature of time is perhaps in part due to the distraction of the Olympics we've been ½-watching (or trying... don't get us started on how sucky the programming is + lame they just don't show it all 4 free w/o signing up 4 that Peacock crap)... imagine these athlete's refrence frames? 4 yrs of training only to have it post-poned 1 year + then finally you're here + getting in the starting blocks + then all that training gets compacted into those allotted seconds when you're expected to perform...

> 1's preparation @ this point amounts to things like figuring out what books 2 bring 2 read (or since there ain't no free will letting witch books command to be brought) > a few recent acquisitions 1 won't be bringing just cuz they ain't really books u read to occupy time but books u just look thru hear + there that 1 will keep in our personal liebury:

Echolalia in Script by Sam Roxas-Chua and 2 other books by Federico Federici

... guess all 3 qualify as asemic > the 1st > Echolalia in Script by Sam Roxas-Chua 姚, a Filipino, adopted by Chinese parents + now living in the U.S. so lots of intresting lingual tendonseas bubbling 4th

from Echolalia in Script by Sam Roxas-Chua

Echolalia in Script by Sam Roxas-Chua

> as in the book where birds are the words, these txt/imgs = «... echolalia in script—drawn from watching flight patterns in the sky,... »

> the 2 other books are by Federico Federici who was recently in SleepingfishLiner Notes for a Pithecanthropus Erectus Sketchbook + Transcripts from Demagnetized Tapes :

page from Transcripts from Demagnetized Tapes by Federico Federici

page from Transcripts from Demagnetized Tapes by Federico Federici

page from Transcripts from Demagnetized Tapes by Federico Federici

+ sum movies we've scene this past week:

  • The Color of Money—not sure what we were thinking, we saw The Hustler + have been on a Paul Newman kick, but this was pretty lame
  • 6 Degrees of Separation (for the 2nd or 3rd time)—classic, but could be better, sum 1 shd remake it
  • Absence of Malice—another dud of a Newman film
  • Ghost Dog (for 2nd or 3rd time)—Whitaker + his character are great, but all the mafia stuff cliché
  • Not Fade Away—slow + random, tho Gandolfini was good
  • Running on Empty—decent overlooked (at least we hadn't seen it til now) River Phoenix movie
  • Room w/ a View—can't believe 0 (f.k.a bedder-½) hasn't seen it cuz 1 virtually has it memerized cuz 1 used to watch it over + over just to gawk @ Bonham Carter... in fact HBC formed 1's ideal ♀ img that 0 in time would fulfill
  • Last Days Here—we aint 2 familiar w/ the music of Pentagram but this was an intresting flick about this guy who goes to roust the aging singer Bobby Liebling from death's door, smoking crack in his pairunt's basement not far from hear in Germantown > wish sum 1 had made a similar movie about the Skinny Puppy guy cuz then maybe he wouldn't have died

3 August> Still going thru our books 2 see wich we might bring 2 Bologna ± wich we can Q up in overflow parking to keep our liebury boox stocked in our absence, hear's the latest (that weren't able to convince 1 to bring 2 Bologna):

pile of books listed in text

  • The Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand
  • The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco
  • Thought and Language by Lev S. Vygotsky—this looks interesting enough but it's all marked up
  • The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • The Natural by Bernard Malamud—not sure we like baseball enough
  • Ledfeather by Stephen Graham Jones—there's other books of his we'd rather read
  • Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace—a risky investment to lug 2 Bologna, 1 already humped it 2 Kenya back in 2008 + was in the middle of reading it when DFW died + 1 felt abandoned
  • Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera—red this in high shcool, not sure it's worth reading again
  • Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides—also started to read this a decade or so ago + abandoned it so not sure why we'd tackle it now
  • Inez by Carlos Fuentes
  • Going Down by David Markson—1 of his earlier novels, seems 2 conventional
  • The Dream Dictionary from A to Z—nice idea but execution seems stupid
  • The Real Life of Alejandro Mayta by Mario Vargas Llosa
  • Kant on Moral Autonomy—a bit heavy 2 say the least
  • Kurt Cobain Journals—scans of his actual journal, a bit juvenile + typical
  • Intricate Ink: Animals in Detail by Tim Jeffs—has sum nice drawing of animals, like this 1:

drawing of squid by Tim Jeffs

+ here's even more books we've collected rummaging thru booxes this past week + exchanging them w/ Calamari or books deemed not fit for our one liebury boox:

another pile of books including Pynchon, Delillo, Nietzsche, Joyce + Wolfe

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