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ALT TXT 4 a quantum ecology + a rat-chewed foundation 4 a bedder UI/UX


6 Aug 2021> in Σum foreign country, can't member where, in a sprawling mall complex > 1 saw 0 (f.k.a. bedder-½) in an auditorium w/ sum of their colleagues, even tho we were sposed 2 bee "on vacation"... this was considered "entertainment" > a lecture about the quantum physics of ecology > figgered we'd sit in on it 4 fun > there wasn't a seat open next to 0 so we sat a few seats away > the seats were weird + crammed 2gether so the onely place 1 cd put our feet were on the armrests of the ppl in front + our knees were right next 2 their heads > a colleague of 0 saw us + said hi + we stood 2 hug them but 1 didn't member who they was > we sat back down + was crammed even more, so tight 1's body formed the seat 4 the person in front + we was looking around + noticing no 1 had masks so we put our mask on + a few other ppl followed suit > there was a massive IMAX screen displaying all the physics equations of the none universe > 1 was studying em trying 2 figger out how they all fit 2gether but there was a huge swath in the middle 4 special relativity that we din't understand (I.R.L. that's the grayest area 4 us, at least the math around it) + we was wondering if 1 person was accountable 4 such a big area (Einstein), who was smarter than them that cd dubble-check their work? + how deependant we were 2 just trust that they was right > we looked down @ the ground in the aisle + there were all these decaying bones sum still w/ meat on em + rats were coming out of holes in the bones + running back in like they were the tunnels where they lived, in the marrow > we pointed these out to 1 of 0's colleagues + told em 2 tell 0 > it was like it was tidal, water wd swell up in the mess of bones + the rats would come out + then the water wood retreat + so wd the rats > we noticed the seats we were sitting on were all connected 2 this reef of bones + freaked out standing up + telling folks we needed 2 get 2 higher ground > we was clambering up this crumbly bone structure + realized it was actually a coral reef that was part of the demonstration (the reef was man-made) > every 1 was climbing all over it but the announcer wasn't telling folks not 2, just pointing out the feetsures > it was very colorful + delicate + we walked along in bare feet trying 2 be as careful as we cd

8 Aug> guess the above dream must be indicative of our current state > rats chewing @ the foundation of where we sit which is perty much the truth > they ain't in our house but whenever we look out on the street we see em scurrying about > hordes of em living in the abandoned (cuz of covid) church across the street, they come out 2 hit up the garbage bin on the far corner, which is mostly full of little plastic bags of dog poop which the rats probly just chew right thru > dirty secret about DC no 1 wants 2 talk about, that + the mosquitoes > can't go outside w/out putting pants + a long sleeve shirt on > was below 80° so went out 2 eat ramen last week wearing pants + long sleeve shirt but still dozens of mosquitoes hovering around trying 2 find a weakness in our attire > maybe it's just sumthing in our blood they like cuz others don't seam as bothered, maybe all the garlic we eat > like most others, this δelta variant shut out whatever light we was starting 2 see @ the end of the tunnel > ain't going 2 no inside restraunts that's 4 sure > now the light @ the end of the tunnel is Bologna. . . 9 dayzzz away > been pruning, cleaning gutters + a deep-cleaning, in closets + under couches + whatnot, rearranging stuff 2 free up a closet 4 the person staying in our place in our absence, who has been briefed in the ways of managing the liebury boox, rest assured all ye followers of this blog, wich is no 1 except 1

> started 2 watch sum movie about Bukowski (Factotum) that was bad, had 2 turn it off after 10 minutes but there was a line where Bukowski (played by Matt Dillon which was randum) said the best part about not being published or famous is that u don't got 2 live up 2 that expectation > that is truly the silver lining in not having a single fan > we've been on Twitter (under the guise of Calamari) more than we shd these past weeks + are reminded of all the reasons we quit it a decade ago > since we're of the mentality 2 follow any 1 who follows us it means our feed is flooded w/ all this crap from folks we don't know > even if we mute them they still show up in our feed when others "like" or retweet them > as w/ most everything, the most annoying + pushy folks are the 1s most popular

> sum thing sum 1 posted made got us 2 thinking about "alt text" + reminding us how lazy we are in writing descriptions 2 our photos 4 blind folk, sumthing we'll try 2 do hear going forward > back when 1 worked 4 Napster we member fielding a call (forwarded from customer support since 1 was the UI/UX (user inerface/experience) point person) from a blind person about what the Napster ap "looked" like 2 them + we installed whatever ap they was using (think it was called Jaws) + then going thru all the screens as a voice read out loud all the text + menus. . . it was "eye-opening" 2 say the least > guess no blind person in their write mined wd be able 2 "read" 5cense, haven't tried using this Jaws application but sure it wouldn't be perty > we already abandoned trying 2 be "mobile-friendly" which was a huge hit 2 our google-abilitiy, but we do care about blind ppl more than we care about folks reading websites on their phones > maybe we'll go back 2 that phase where we never took pictures @ all > funny thing is the individual who tweeted that about alt text bought 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY'... which got us 2 thinking how we cd translate a book in2 braille, specially 1 like that w/ txt + img all collaged 2gether > maybe images = crutches 4 "writers" + shouldn't be used @ all? > perhaps Thriver meme will halve no images, just a continuous txt stream that cd read or listened 2 > if we was blind we'd be listening 2 a lot of music > sum movies ain't so bad 4 blind folk, like anything Lynch does u cd probly just listen 2 w/o visual feed + get the gist of it > a few yrs ago we listened 2 all of The Shining + it was quite visceral + intense > beyond the blind tho, we want Thriver meme + perty much everything we write/create (inklooting this blog) 2 be a machine-parseable dadastream accessible 2 post-humuns cyborgs. . . that's the audience we write 4

> we was inspired 2 get ramen the other night cuz we watched Tampopo, which is essentially about how 2 make the best ramen > that gets added 2 our fave films of all time > also rewatched City of God, Get Shorty + Kramer vs. Kramer last week + also saw City of Women 4 the 1st time (overlooked Fellini flick from the '80s) > started 2 watch Antonioni's Identification of a Woman but it was awful, had 2 turn it off after 10 minutes > not sure we've rewatched Gods + Monsters since it came out in theatres, but it was classic > rewatched Shawshank Redemption 4 the umpteenth time, but we never realized b4 it was based on a Stephen King short story > last night we started 2 rewatch Jackie Brown b4 remembering how boring it was + wondered if we ever got thru it the 1st time > then we watched Grifters 4 the 3rd or 4th time (still on a Cusack kick)

> Speaking of TXT/IMG + books that ain't so good 4 blind folk, hear's sum lingering books we've been "reading" lately cuz they ain't so good 2 bring 2 Bologna (far as the amount of time per page, considering efficiency of books we're packing in our luggage 2 last us 6 months):

book covers for titles listed below

> 2 write ALT TXT 4 the above photo wd be rather tedious considering we'll describe it hear — 2 Gary Larson books, Unnatural Selection + Far Side Gallery 2 (always classic) > a book by Kurt Gödel On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica + Related Systems which ain't txt/img but is not really readable, unless you're versed in higher math + logic, it's a reprint of his infamous incompleteness theorem where he basically proved there's no point in doing nothing in math or sighence cuz nothing = provable > also a book of Zen Comics by Ioanna Salajan + a book in Chinese that we got no idea what it's about, the only words in glish are "Me, Myself + I" + "Snow Spring Studio" but we can find no record of it on Inurnet

spread from above mentioned Chinese book w/ childish scribbles of kids around a piano + distored deer mixed in w/ text + graphic elements

+ lastly, a newish (2020) book from Rosaire Appel (seams she was rather productive during the pandemic), there's no telling what...

spread from Rosaire Appel's no telling what... showing distressed typewritten text + images distorted to the point of illegibility

> the Gödel + Appel books were keeping 4 our personal collection but the others we'll Q up 4 the liebury boox. . .

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