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a fugitive driving a plow over bones of the dead laying over in Munich


16 Aug 2021> last day in DC > walked to Georgetown to get rapid covid test 4 our flight tomorrow > yesterday eve had a going away happy hour w/ our neighors on our stoops w/ rats running around everywhere + getting eaten alive by mosquitoes even tho we were wearing genes + a long shirt, they were biting our hands + face + apparently there's these things called «oak mites» wich wd xplain these other itchy bites we have, microscopic mites that thrive off cicada eggs + then fall from the trees + land on u + bite u forming big itchy welts > won't miss this shit about D.C. 1 bit tho we'll miss our neighbors

> our intensive (2½ hrs/day) Italian class started 2day even tho we're not in Bologna yet, doing it via zoom which we may do anyway once we're there > patron saint of the day is St. Roch, patron saint of dogs, invalids + falsely accused people, amongst other things so felt it was apt we rewatch The Fugitive

18 Aug | Munich (airport) > flight from hell, screaming baby in row in front of us > just when we'd start to fall asleep the little brat wd start screaming bloody murder + parents just talked loudly not doing much to ease the situation > wish they had adult only flights > weird to be travelling after 1½ of years of being homebound xcept a weekend in NYC/Philly + another @ the beach > 1st time on an airplane during the «pandemic»... tho guess it ain't really a pandemic no more, just a new mode of ǝxistence > of course airport + plane was packed > started 2 go in2 a lounge but full of maskless ppl b4 we opted to just find a quiet corner elsewhere > as compared to Munich where they took 1 look @ our cloth masks + said we needed N95 (which we have, we just switched 2 cloth on the plane 4 comfort), they wouldn't even allow those blue surgical masks!

> on the plane watched Minari + read Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk > good book but not sure she's worthy of a Nobel prize? maybe they were throwing Poland a bone > we like how she cares more about animals than humuns + lives out in the sticks with a bunch of weirdos but it quickly devolves in2 a sorta whodunnit

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