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Tributary #18: residual «Fishkill»


27 Aug 2021 | Bologna > stream #18 on Tributaries = «Fishkill», a tributary of the Hudson > an early demo of this song (w/o vocals) was used for the Residue trailer > we started out mostly w/ sampled sounds, of film going thru reels, samples from the opening seekwinds of Fellini's where Mastriani is having a panic attack in the tunnel + that's Barry White saying «uhhhh, I fell asleep @ the wheel» > then for this version we added drums + guitar + gongs to make it melodic, using DADA tunning in a pentatonic scale:

> hear's the lyrics (the «when u go against nature, that’s part of nature too» line (after the Tones on Tail reference) we stole from Love + Rockets + the «yellow ribbon tied round a tree» line is in response to Tony Orlando + Dawn):


the residue
of DDT
in the creek
leads to weak beaks

the squeegee squeaks
the windshield wipes
the grimey grit
into swiping hype

the oily film
above crawdad’s dream
whose says they feel no pain
cuz they have no brain

somewhere under the rainbow

all the colors swirl
into liquid burl
run-off down storm drains
the song remains the same

somewhere under the rainbow

the algae sheen
blue-gilled bream
a yellow ribbon tied round a tree
means the ol’ oak’s diseased
if u love me, tie your tubes

+ eat your greens
ride the train
the tones on tail
come at the end
when u go against nature
that’s part of nature too

to the 1st Dutch settlers
creek meant kill
the compounds leach
into the aquifer

the words became engrained
as part of the land
put the Iroquois language
back on the map


+ hear's the video, using artwork by MM (the images from Residue):

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