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Tributary #16: «Rom» (where goats lick dam)


10 Sept 2021 | Bologna > Stream #16 off Tributaries is «Rom», named for a river that coincidentally we were not too far from a few days ago in the Dolomites + that is also a tributary of the Adige which runs thru Verona, where we were also last week > the song is more about our previous experiences in the Italian Alps more to the west, where goats lick dams, but then ended up being more about dadastreams, what happens to sensory perceptions when they becomg digitzed, Cronenberg or whatever else > we wanted to make an '80s dancey track, but when our bedder-½ heard it they said it sounded like a surf song, probly cuz of the guitar > according to our notes we tuned it C-G-C-G-C-D♯ but then we put a capo on the 2nd fret so ended up being DADA like most of the rest


where goats lick dams
+ streams are streets
skips the salty core
an age-old adage for levee foil

an arhythmic fluttering, 5 evil eels
plunged in hands too numb to feel
the olive branch, bifurcates
the electric turbine regenerates

in overflow, the circuits trip
a blip in the system, passed thru noise gates
the levees contain, spontaneous bursts
aderall'd water to quench your thirst

cascades passed for currency
the spectacle of avenues
paraded into parodies of themselves

in dadastreams, typeface reigns
painted ponies, pantomined feigns
an illustrated book of birds
the real deal captured in words
the hypocrisy of hippodrome
glitchy video grabbed as your own

cascades passed for currentsea
the spectacle of avenues
paraded into parodies of themselves

+ hear's the video:

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