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Taking an impression of our broken tooth w/ billionaire amplification sew G cd see her publicist


7 Sept 2021 | Bologna > returned from the Dolomites, not as crazy traffic as the way up > 8 @ Osteria de le Mure (★★★★½), had the tasting menu, sure we'll be back

8 Sept > Saw Gian last night + we was like «hey, ain't u supposed 2 be dead?» + he laughed + said «sssshhh» > we asked if we were the onely person who could see him or cd every 1 but he didn't answer, just said he wanted 2 see his publicist, who was a doctor @ sum hospital, so in order 2 get in he'd fake an injury he said as he smashed his head against the hood of a car > he saw sum passerby + told us 2 get their attn + say we'd bin in an accident > so we got the guy's attn to help carry Gian's body who by this point had turned in2 a woman so was rather light > the guy was trying to help us carry Giancarla but was making it more difficult, it was easier 2 just carry her cradled in our arms + appartently all we really needed anyway was this guy as a witness, 2 attest that the accident had occurred > we entered the hospital + called for a gourney but can't remember what happened after that

9 Sept> had dinner @ this fancy restraunt Papagallo (★★) w/ x-CEO of googol + x-PM of Italy (2x... + also 1st PM of EU) + a bunch of other big wigs > we tried 2 just sit there being a fly on the wall (tho sumhow managed 2 spill prosecco down the back of the dude next 2 us) but then this x-CEO billionaire (70th-richest person in the world) asked us 2 weigh in on what they was talking about (probly cuz we was the only person not wearing a suit, w/ long hair + tattoos, etc.) + we was about 2 say we was just there 4 the free food, but said we din't follow politics + tried 2 deflect 2 sum 1 else > it was a total schmooze-fest, bunch of academic types trying 2 get him 2 give them money 4 whatever > wish our friend Luca Arnaudo was there, an anti-trust lawyer whose main adversary was Googol, he might of had sumthing 2 say about Googol's presence in Europe, but we don't got nothing against Googol, seems 2 us a search engine (+ those maps, etc.) is sumthing that perhaps needs 2 be consolidated into 1 master site + more than any other technology in past decades has changed the world immeasurably, 4 bedder or worse > we found it intresting tho listening 2 these VIPs talk, scheming how 2 interject technology in2 politics as if they wanted 2 take over the world > spose we shouldn't be blogging about it hear, but no way they'd ever come across this page as the very monster he helped to create has essentially blacklisted us so we don't Ǝxist on Inurnet + we don't use reel names anyway (xcept 4 dead ppl) > this x-CEO used the word «amplification» 3x making us wonder if he'd red Marshall McLuhan + also said «megaphone» a few more times, as if there only concern was solely those who were able 2 make enough of a racket 2 get the attn of the media + how 2 effectively sweep such trolls under the rug (this in response 2 the question the guy we spilled pignoletto on asked about censorship of youtube) > we definitely ain't no 1 w/ no megaphone, quiet content 2 bee part of the de-amplified anonymous masses > this x-CEO had his trophy Afghani girlfriend in tow (evidently 1 of many, has an «open» marriage) but b-sides being a typical dolled-up bombshell, she actually had a brain > he kept asking her 2 speak like she was a circus animal, 2 use fancy words + demonstrait that not only did she look stunning but could talk intelligently (+ had 3 degrees (which this x-CEO repeteated 3x in case we didn't here hym the 1st time)) > it was I-opening but sad + a bit sickening actually 2 be sitting there halving 2 bite our tongue > @ another point he started asking us about publishing in front of the table of 12... spose if we was savvy we wd halve gotten him 2 give us $5 million bucks, or maybe we shd of told him we graduated from Mtn View high shcool in the '80s + that we had poor white trash friends that lived in the hood where the Googol campus now exists + then ask what they did w/ all those houses, bulldoze them? oh + no 1 was wearing masks, not even the waiters, they closed the entire restraunt 4 this x-CEO + us, our 1st time eating indoors w/ that many ppl in close proximity... hope it dont turn in2 a super-spreading event

back in the reel moondough

10 Sept> 2nd trip 2 dentist 4 our broken tooth... walked there again (~17 km RT), endured not 1 but 3 shots 2 the mouth, guess we're getting over our fear of needles > he removed the old filling, drilled around then took an impression (so they can fashion us a fake crown from porcelain + gave us a temporary filling)

on the way to the dentist, saying goodbye to our bedder-½ who walked w/ us ½-way b4 going up 2 San Luca

11 Sept> 20th anniversary of 9/11 > still not ready to tackle our walking Bologna project, 4 starters don't know what 2 call it... «perambulating the porticos»? + we can't find a decent map > so just walked all over 2 get our bearings sum more > stopped @ a few markets, got clams + dinner fixings @ Mercato delle Erbe, went 2 an arts market + then 2 an antique market where we met this antiquario dealer Claudio Bonfiglioli who is also a fine artist, so we bought this painting from him:

Claudio Bonfiglioli—«Nel sogno», 2001 (mixed media on wood)(higher rez)

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