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Tributary #15: «Ogeechee»—2 come up w/ a new form of currency


17 Sept 2021 | Bologna > Stream #15 off Tributaries = «Ogeechee» > «Ogeechee» starts w/ a clipped out loop from a 1986 jam session w/ these 2 goth/industrial guys we used to play w/ Pete (drums) + Les (bass) (if we remembered their last names we'd give them credit) + we played drums + guitar (w/ drumsticks) @ same time, here's the full clip (recorded w/ a Walkman):

> 2 this atonal noise we added a chord progression more or less as follows (w/ drop-D tuning, tho think we also played it on Mandolin (bottom 4 strings tuned same as guitar)):

+ to this we added lyrics, about the Ogeechee river, which we lived near when we lived in Savannah in 1997 + we worked as a land surveyor (tho most of the land was more like swamps) > we were both fresh out of college + saddled w/ debt, right after our brother died + had no idea what we were doing w/ our lives but it didn't matter, spose that's what the song is about


to begin, begin again
is to move, from where you've been

when it rained we din't fret
in the desert it came as welcome relief
we waylaid plans to dam the flow
packed up a U-haul + started driving east

up to our ears in debt
far from fixed annuity
our retirement plan
was to achieve fluidity

wild-type refugees
crossing the Mississippi
nowhere in mind to go
giving into the flow

to begin, begin again
is to move, from where you've been

we landed on them swampy banks
hard to tell the diffrence between land + sea
the riparian delta ripe w/ decay
Paris island, loin Île de la Cité

don't stand in 1 place too long
or trenchfoot sets in
the black water's rising
bites the moccasin

the cottonmouth takes hold
of the fold in our jeans
transcribe the code, read the leaves

cut your losses, split the scene
forsake the gloss, provide continuity
it's all a wash, divining for gold
come up w/ a new form of currentsea (x2)

> hear's the video:

> Stream #16: «Rom»

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