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Tributary #14: «Red Nile»


24 Sept 2021 | Bologna > Stream #14 off Tributaries = «Red Nile» > «Red Nile» is 1 of the 1st tracks we used our mandolin on + also our e-drum kit, trying to make a song like «Battle of Evermore» but 4 sum reason came out sounding like a Native American war dance > «Red Nile» is the lesser known tributary of the tributary (as opposed 2 the blue) that originates in Ethiopia, but not sure the lyrics have anything to do w/ it, mostly about who nose what, we'll let u figure that out:

Red Nile

shots fire out
from a fast-moving train
the methods are yellow
the motives insane

the rails burn, turning red
Tibetan or Egyptian,
bring it back to the dead

a blue note is struck
from a red-gestured key

cop a hit, a feel, some booze
Lou felt the velvet in the wild west caboose
a court jester dances to distract the king
off w/ their heads, the fat lady sings

forms the figurehead tomb
to divine the womb

consult the ruins
a pyramid scheme
knuckles not digits
to the 12th degree

thru the Suez it sails
derailed by the tides
debased the hour
+ the concept of time
stuck in de-Nile
flatten nickels to dimes

Exene nods Minutemen but not 45 Grave
the # of grooves in the vinyl DK
Tibetan or Egyptian, bring it back from the dead
dig till the fat lady sings off w/ your head

into the arms of De Milo
fell Television's Verlaine
does it matter who carved her?
if she's feeling no pain

> hear's the video (featuring Joseph Campbell @ the beginning + most of the other footage we stole from The 10 Commandments (1956)):

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