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crowning our tooth 2 San Felice + Sant'Isaia @ 9 + 10 o'clock (don't worry, it's not contagious)


25 Sept 2021 | Bologna> Saw Desert Hearts (★★★), a bit slow, but intresting + perhaps ahead of it's time, tho The Hunger came 2 years b4 + Daneuve + Sarandon were far more famous then whoever these 2 actors were

26 Sept> walked in hills above Giardino Margherita... just as we were saying it doesn't seam 2 ever pour in Bologna (it was sprinkling) like it does in DC or Arizona we saw an ominous dark cloud + ran 4 via Santo Stefano + just as it started to unleash a torrential downpour we happened 2 be in front of Cremeria Santo Stefano (★★★★★)(which normally is packed, but who eats ice cream in the rain?) so got sum pistachio gelato then strolled 4 a mile or so beneath the porticos never having 2 go in the rain except 4 a few brief moments crossing streets > watched Fallen Angels (★★★★),  a Wong Kar-wai from the '90s we'd overlooked til now

28 Sept> 8 @ Ristorante San Pietro (★★★½), pretty good but the service really sucked > @ sum pt after that we went 2 go work in sum factory but we had bad vertigo + we were spinning + stumbling + having 2 hold on 2 walls + told our bosses we had minears d-zzz + they backed away, acting freaked out, asking if it was contagious + we tried 2 reassure them it wasn't > it was awkward, we didn't want them 2 feel uncomfortable but knew 100% it wasn't contagious > 1 of them was a medical doctor so we told them 2 look it up if they din't believe us > then it was like we were working along side this father + son in this factory, not sure what we were making, there were wood shavings everywhere but @ closer inspection the shavings were actually parmesan cheese that we nibbled @ > this father's son kept acting out + complaining + his father took him aside + gave him a lecturing 2 > when they came back the kid was still acting out, sarcastically saying, «great, they can get him 2 work 4 next 2 nothing, just give him carrots + sum swill» (referring 2 himself in 3rd person) > we told the kid we were working for $4.50/hr even tho we had a post-graduate degree but he din't care > we woke thinking it odd that such dialogue was spoken in our dream b/c we wd never think 2 use the word «swill» + got 2 thinking where does the language of our dreams come from?

> this new Airbnb is turning out 2 be a nightmare situation... it was fairly quiet up til Sunday when it seemed the apartment above us was being renovated or ppl were moving in our out, the entire day dragging furniture around > when it approached midnight we went up there (which was hard 2 figure out which apartment it was relative to ours, thru the convoluted passageways that had a diffrent layout then our floor, but it was obvious once we walked by the door b/c we cd hear them, these 3 loud guys, sounded Neapolitano > we knocked + they stopped but didn't answer so we went back down thinking maybe they got the hint but the noise persisted so we went back up + knocked but they continued doing whatever they were doing, moving dead bodies who knows what > we knocked even louder + heard 1 of them coming 2 the eyehole + looking out + whispering 2 his buddies but didn't answer > we noticed a doorbell + rang it + heard them come 2 the door again whispering 2 themselves what they shd do + we were looking back @ the keyhole but still they didn't answer + we didn't want 2 press the issue as they sounded like big guys + our Italian ain't good enough 4 such confrontations + 4 all we know they were mafioso types up 2 illicit activity > ever since then it's been really noisy, not as much dragging furniture, but loud talking, stomping, farting, burping, loud music, etc, like living in a college dorm or frat house + now we also have ppl below smoking cigarettes + partying just below our window so we have 2 keep our windows closed... not sure what these ppl do except hang out in their dark apartments drinking beer, smoking cigarettes + dragging furniture around

> the other weird thing is that the power went out in Bologna yesterday + since everything is on keycode no 1 could get in or out of the bldg or their apartments so there were all these ppl locked out > we were able to let our bedder-½ in by propping doors open but we were afraid 2 leave 2 go 2 dinner cuz we were afraid we weren't gonna be able 2 get back in > it was like that situation in the NYC blackout, in what, 2002, 2003? when all those ppl couldn't get back in2 their hotel rooms b/c they need electricity 2 work > those keycards or pads that require electricity are such a bad idea

29 Sept> our last dental procedure was 2day, the crowning of the broken tooth > we thought it was @ 1:30 + we double-checked around 10:15 + ends up it was @ 10:30... seams our subconscious always wants us to miss such appointments > we ran down + was able 2 flag a cab (normally you're sposed 2 go 2 the taxi stands here) but still we were 15 minutes late > had 2 tell the dentist about our minears so he didn't freak out when he saw our eyes spinning around in our head, that's especially bad when we lay supine on our back + especially if we tilt our head 2 the left + we also told him we'd rather not deal w/ any needles so no novacaine > he said taking the temporary cap off was the most painful part so if that was ok we'd be fine doing it cold turkey > him taking the cap off didn't hurt a bit so we went ahead w/o anesthesia > what hurt was when he put that damn dental dam on, the clamp that cinches it in place + then him having 2 use floss 2 get it all snug isolating the teeth... 1 of the more unpleasant hours of our life, especially w/ our head spinning regardless of whether we opened our eyes or not > tried 2 just get in a zen groove thinking of sumthing else + just abstract the pain in2 sumthing else... anyways, it's done + we have a new tooth 2 show 4 it

b4 + after of our repaired tooth

> since we cabbed there, figured we'd walk back a diffrent longer way 4 exorcise, diffrent then the the shortest way along main roads (we'd already walked there + back (17 km) 2x b4) + looking @ google maps seemed we cd just walk over the hills so started walking + found a trail (#112) + walked 2 San Luca (where we walked 2 b4 under a portico w/ 666 vaulted arches) > couldn't find any roads or trails traversing further across the hills so took the 666 porticos down (walking in the road 2 breath fresher air) + then thru the Saragozza hood 2 check it out 4 living potential

San Luca

30 Sept> last night we mixed in sum strings + ambient drone in w/ our white noise + then when turned it off this a.m. we cd still hear it > we thought our mind was playing tricks like the drone had etched an impression but ended up sum 1 else was playing ambient drone noise similar to ours, 2 perhaps drown out our ambient drone! or 2 cancel out whatever we were also trying 2 cancel out

> saw our 1st place (w/ en eye 2 buy) in Bologna... been looking a lot on, etc. but this was the 1st place we saw en vivo... pretty insane attico w/ great terrazza w/ a fuck off view... problem is, it's on via Zamboni (1 of the main party streets for students) above an Irish pub > can't make the same mistake in Rome falling for a kick-ass apartment in a nightmare location > 8 after @ Ristorante Matusel (★★★★★)... all the restraunts were packed except this 1, not sure why > we had passatelli w/ seafood + sum sort of fiori di zuccha appetizer but instead of anchovies a shrimp + fish paste

fuck off view from the terrazza of the place on via Zamboni

passatelli @ Matusel (a pasta made out of bread crumbs, parmigiano + egg)

1 Oct > Saw The Little Things (★★), cliché, felt written by a script writing machine, only thing good about it was Jared Leto + then watched Many Saints of Newark (★★) wich was about as bad as we expected.

2 Oct> tackled 2 ports in our perambulating porticos project just cuz they're so close together— San Felice + Porta Sant'Isaia > started up via Rizzoli (street we currently live on) which turns in2 via Ugo Bassi which turns in2 via San Felice, 2 the namesake gate > 8 @ Quanto Basta (★★★★), decent Roman food, had alici + Carbonara, then zig-zagged around back trying 2 hit as many streets as we cd then back up via del Pratello (our vote so far as the coolest street in Bologna) 2 Porta Sant'Isaia, which doesn't have an actual gate anymore + down via Sant'Isaia then zig-zagging thru the alleys just west of Piazza Maggiore which so far if we were 2 choose our top area 2 live it wd be in this zone cuz it's really quiet (not a lot of thru streets 4 cars) + chill, yet you're very close 2 the center of everything (tho not near Giardino Margherita 4 running)

via Ugo Bassi

looking back down via San Felice

Porta San Felice

Calamari strikes again

via Pratello

1st free little liebury we've seen in Bologna (since everything's under porticos who needs boxes?)

seems every door along via Pratello has artwork on it

Basilica San Francesco

Porta Nuova, 1 of the last remaining vestiges of the inner wall which is even older...
note apartments built into it, imagine living in a structure from 300 A.D.!

abandoned bldg (stuck hand thru hole 2 take pic)

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