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Tributary #10: «East» — where no 1 is native but every 1 belongs


22 Oct 2021 |Bologna > stream #10 off Tributaries = «East» ... as in East river, the river we lived + ran along (when Sound Furies lived in the UES, LES, East Village + DUMBO) for many years in NYC > it's also a tribute to Jim Carroll + also the workers that died building the Brooklyn Bridge + other bridges spanning the East river + the 1,021 ppl that died in the PS General Slocum disaster (a day before Bloomsday, which is how we know what day Bloomsday is) > we wrote the song on mandolin tuned A-D-A-D + it's in 5/4 time (sort of... every 4th measure we threw an extra beat in) + also used autoharp, don't think there's even guitar on it > here's our notes

> + here's the lyrics


where no 1 is native but every 1 belongs
u can forget your name + do no wrong
as long as the jungle don't eat u alive
eat or be eaten, ain't enough to survive

all the people who couldn't fly, they died
it's laugh or cry but at least we died
trying to make it in the backseat of an apple-green taxi

P.S. Jumping from the C is practice for the GWB
or OD'ing on Drano on the G to Queens
but where do all the trains + drains go?

At least 20 people died spanning the East
from falling off or divers' disease
+ don't forget the 1,021 on PS General Slocum
where P is for paddle not an art show at PS1

the same troubled waters of S + G
despite feelin' groovy on 59th street
to make ends meet u contract the bends
the show was over before it began

+ hear's the video (stealing footage from Bridge Over River Kwai + The Basketball Diaries):

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