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Tributary #9: «Oceanus» — a chameleon horse takes the whirlpooling river by the horns


29 Oct 2021 |Bologna > getting 2 the point where this tributary countdown is a way 4 us 2 keep track of how many weeks are left in the year (... minus 1, as the final tributary #1 lands on our anniversary, 24 Dec), aint good 4 much else since no 1 listens 2 these except us checking 2 see if the links work > Sound Furies stream #9 off Tributaries = «Oceanus», 1 of 2-3 fictitious rivers on the album... not really a tributary of anything, but the mother of all rivers that encircles the entire world, or encircled, 2 the ancient Greeks (tho our version is more about Rome + sea-horses (mare means sea in Italian)) > musically it's rather ambient, mostly keyboards + acoustic guitar > 4 sum reason the tune reminds us of The Chamelons tho we aint sure witch song


the sight
of the sea
in waves
jogging your memory
of ancient lakes

in the bedrock beneath the stream
in the seam in between
holds your dreams in esteem
folding into the wave machine

caterwauling in concourse
for the love of horse

the prancing mare
the fountain's dare
can't resist the curse
the allure of Trevi's purse

the spectacled frieze
fossilized in grief

Sampietrini paved in concrete

in the bedrock beneath the stream
in the seams in between
the site of the sea
sealed into a dream

> when we wint 2 make the video we were trying 2 find footage of horses swimming + came across this video of the notorious whirlpool man (Jacob Cockle), this guy that wd swim in a vortex near Cornwall sporting a horse mask > the eerie thing is that he died making this video, was sucked in2 the maelstrom... talk about taking the bull by the horns > at least he died doing what he loved

> Tributary #10: «East»

944 <(current)> 946 > counter-clockwise completion of a radar-scoping circumnavigation of the 12 ports of Bologna
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