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Tributary #8: «Ayung»—yet annother river that runs regardless of us


5 Nov 2021 |Bologna > stream #8 off Tributaries = «Ayung», a river in Bali > it's 1 of the 1st songs we Sound Furies recorded 4 this album... can't remember what we were doing xcept we used DADA tunining + riffed in a pentatonic scale (same as slendro in gamelan) + we just got our new drum kit amidst self-isolation so was banging around on them 4 exoricse:


the mean is somewhere in between
island + lake, or inland sea
between wake + sleep
in the backseat
meter ticking down
in the taxi

en route to see
what's already been seen
by a billion eyes
each time defiles
to detourrmine the change
the delta spans the range
nothing to lose
nothing to gain

river runs regardless of us
always did + always will

be that as it may

stick in your feet
never same river twice
the coolness seeps
melting your bones
we belong to her
not her to us

the land salted in dead pan
rolled into a hole
in the ozone layer
not enough soil
to backfill lost air

rivers run regardless of us
always did + always will

> hear's the video:

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