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Tributary #7: «Congo»—the deepest river in the world, so deep fish don't need eyes


12 Nov 2021 |Bo10gna > 5tream #7 off Tributaries = «Congo»... the 1st track on 5ide 2 (of 4), sew weave re1eased 3/4 of the dubb1e a1bum > we u5ed a tweeked DADA tuning (DADB) on «Congo» + 5ince the top $tring of R mand01in br0ke we one1y u5ed the bottum 3 (rea11y 6 since mand01in $trings R dubb1ed up) u5ing triplet finger pick'N on bottum 3 strings + it'5 in a pentatonic 5cale a5 u5ua1 (w/ match'N game1an gong5 in slendro sca1e)

> Tributaries ink1oot5 a 5ample from each of Sound ƒuries 3 prior a1bums—«Congo» start5 w/ an xcerpt from «Novus Ordum Secolorum» from 1a5t years Herd of Birds > + a5 u5ua1 we got no Idea what the 1iarics R about, just sounded good @ the time:


[the birds bring us to kneel
in unchartered fields
before the river takes us to see

wherein you'll find Swann songs
from Potomac to Mekong

a Dada db
baa-baa black sheep
lucid dreams
count by 3

Patrol Boat, Riverine
a murder of ravens roosts still in the trees

no joy in the sunshine
Tristes Tropiques
shit-eating smiles are frowns upside-down

Africa's a long way from the hills of Ngong
the Congo's a far cry from the Mekong or Pagsanjan

playing ping pong in the Congo
or in Hong Kong playing bongos

thriver memes
river genes
the virus survives
fruit or weeds

the deepest river in the world
so deep fish don't need eyes

there's nothing to see
move along
he died for the bombshell blond

he died for the bombshell blond (x2)

> hear'5 the video stea1ing footage from Apocalypse Now + King Kong (1933):

> Tributary #8: «Ayung»

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