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babeling bottarga blow-up 2 beach-hop in malthusian weather on our 55th + 30 yrs w/ our bedder-½


11/21/2021 | Porto Cervo, Sardinia> Sound ƒuries 25th wedding anniversary is coming up next month, but we met 30 yrs ag0 2day... we kn0w this b/c of our journaling wich we did by hand back then > celebrating it in ritzy Porto Cervo on the northern tip of Sardinia > last nite went to 1 of the few places 0pen, Insula, which even had a band playing + we were the 0nely 1s there > had n apperetiv0 watching the band then had spahgetti w/ clams + bottarga + als0 bottarga + celery as n appetizer... they definitely dig their bottarga here + so do we

> red Julio Cortázar's Blow-Up + Other Stories on the way here > we'd already red a lot of the stories in spanish, like «End Game», but that collection din't halve «Blow-up» which we were itching 2 read after rewatch'n Antonioni's take on it (+ coincidentally we're on n Antonioni kick again) + then Blow-Up + Other Stories appeared in our liebury boox so we figured it was meant 2 b or mayb sum 1 saw how we said we wanted 2 read it + slipped it in our boox, s0 thx if s0 > Antonioni definitely xpanded on it quite a bit > we rewatched Babel over the past 2 nights b/c we din't have Inurnet in our last place + we had it downloaded... definitely in our top 10 of movies ever made

> went beach-hopping 2day, checking out a bunch of diffrent beaches on the emerald coast, climbing around rocks + beach comb'n 2 @ least diffrent spots... Liscia Ruja, Spiaggia del Principe, Romazzino, Barca Bruciata, Cala Granu, can't remember wich = wich...











11/22> our 55th b-day, sum nice symmetry in that number considering we were born 11/22/66 + 55 is also Fibonacci + a multiple of 5 wich seems 2 b the theme of this year (our bedder-½ turned 50, we met 30 yrs ag0 to the day yesterday + our 25th anniversary is coming up > as of 2day we've known our bedder-½ for 6/11 of our lives > 11/22 is also b-day of Mark Ruffalo + Scarlett Johansen, not bad ppl 2 have as b-day friends

> earlier this a.m. we were hiking/biking up in these hills, on assignment to find «malthusian» weather patterns > we spotted a snippet of a tornard0 b-tween sum bldgs + was trying 2 get a bedder look so shimmied under this fence 2 get up on top of this cylindrical tank > there was this cupple also trying 2 get up there that we quickly cut in front of 2 beat em up + they climbed up the tank next 2 ours + we xplained how we were looking 4 «malthusian» whether > once we got up seams we were looking thru the inner gears of all this machinery + what we were looking @ was not a tornad0 but a spining turbine > the cupple asked if we found the weather in Chicago (where apparently we were) 2 b malthusian + we said it was far from malthusian, it was b9 > then they asked what we were going 2 do in Greece (where these tanks we had climbed up on were apparently going) + we jumped off in the nick of time just as it got going

> drove to the western shore, to Alghero, wich is more our speed... Porto Cervo was a weird place to spend our 30th anniversary of meeting, the restraunt was really xpensive + we were the 0nely 1s there, felt a bit obligated 2 support em since there were far more guests than staff so felt they needed sumthing 2 do > ended up they gave us our wine 4 free (wich was substantial) 4 our anniversary so that was nice > now staying @ a posh place on the water in Alghero, Villa Las Tronas, but not posh in an uncomfortable way, couldn't ask 4 a better place 2 spend our b-day > walked around the port + had lunch sitting in the sun, weather has been amazing (apparently it was raining non-stop 4 the weeks right b4 we arrived), was raining while we were driving but cleared up as we arrived > walked around the old town, Alghero is definitely the kind of place cd see living, beautiful coastline + just kind of chill > came back + worked out in our gym + swam in the indoor saltwater pool that looked out over the sea (had it all to ourselves) + then we sat out on our terraza staring @ the sea + drinking prosecc0... the western coast also has more wave action going on which we like, reminds me of California a bit > slept w/ door 0pen s0 can hear waves all nite + every few seconds the lighthouse by neptune's grotto flashes in2 our room

Alghero (in distance) was seen from our hotel


all along the ramparts


catapult still intact




red coral




r terrazza


11/23> another amazing day in the sun, seems this whole trip they keep saying it's gonna rain but it's always nice > walked along the waterfront 2 Spiaggia di Maria Pia + swam in the water + laid on the beach > had lunch in the sun (fried sea anemones) + came back + lazed on our terraza + booked the gym + pool 4 ourselves (covid requirement is that only 1 room @ a time can use it) then laid in the sun more on our terraza + watched it until it set > 8 all sorts of c-food 4 appetizer + spaghetti w/ artichoke + bottarga > slept listening 2 the c

swimming in the c


indoor saltwater pool


another sunset


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