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bunkered in N airB+B liebury in Bologna w/ elephant dung boox


29 Nov 2021> Ndured the he11 of being herded 1ike catt1e on a packed Ryan Air f1ight 2 come «h0me» 2 Bologna > wint from the worst B+B Xperience A day ag0 in Sardinia 2 the best B+B ever... the 1 we'R in now is awesome, 0nely wish we wd of found it b4 as mayB wd of changed R out1ook on Bol0gna—good Inurnet, kitchen, terrazza + 1ots of book5... what more does 1 need? 1 big wait off our chest making it back 2 the main1and, @ 1east in a p1ace we can cook our one mea1s > R bedder-½ has 2 teach 2day but rest of the week working from «h0me», this here airB+B > then we just got 2 get testid wednes, thurs ± friday + hope there ain't n0 trave1 bans b/c of this moronicon variant that wd prohibit us from returning

entrance 2 our B+B (in an old convent)



well-equipped (1 of 3-4 shelves)


from a book by Bruno Munari


from a book by Simone Pelligrini, whose work we featured in Sleepingfish iX


they even got a book made out of elephant dung

... + speaking of books, we finished Naïve. Super by Erlend Loe... it had our intrest @ 1st + kept us distracted @ the airport + on the plane from Sardinia, but twards the end his shtick gets 0ld... the 25 pgs of NYPL search result screens w/ silly swear words in particu1ar was juveni1e + unnecessary + fe11 tota11y f1at + then there's a11 this other random fi11er materia1... it just fizz1ed out in the end

30 Nov> back 2 our se1f-is0lating wayz... no restraunts, th0 we do have 2 shop in persun tho have enough food now 2 finish out the week > Bol0gna'5 mandating mask-wearing even outside, w/in the city wa11s, wich = good b/c it'5 dense + these portic0s = semi-encl0sed > it'5 gotten significant1y co1der since weave bin gone so the ma5k = nice anyway, Xcept when we need 2 wear g1a55es 2 read 5umthing

perhaps R 1ast wa1k up in2 the hi11s

1 Dec> got our negative covid tests, 1st hurd1e > stood in 1ine @ 1 pharmacy for 20-30 minutes whi1e the persun in front of us stood there ta1king w/ the pharmacist as if they was a psychillogical counse1or only 2 find out the tampone (covid test) were by appt only > waited @ another pharmacy + they gave us the (antigen) test, sticking that dam swab ½-way up in2 our brain > so we officia11y got the result... now 1et's just hope the U.S. don't change the requirement from 72 to 24 hr... like there'5 ta1k of + if they change it to 24-hr PCR we're fucked b/c 24 hrs is how 1ong it takes 2 turn a PCR around here + u got 2 make an appt @ a c1inic, etc.

> most of the boox in the 1iebury here R in Ita1ian, but there'5 a few in g1ish that looked intresting enough 2 peruse... @ 1east @ 1st g1ance > Sabine's Notebook + The Golden Mean R by Nick Bantock, unfortunately parts II + III of a trilogy so we don't know how it start5 > the premise = intresting, the back + 4th correspondence Btween Grifin + Sabine, illustrated w/ postcard5 + actua1 1etters that u have 2 actua11y 0pen the envel0pe that is embedded w/in the book > but the appea1 is superficia1 + it quick1y deterior-8s in2 sappy craft-fair crap > IDP: 2043 is a rather ambitious graphic nove1, w/ a supergroup ensemb1e of sum 10 int1 writers + artists > it imagines the wor1d in 2043 (pub1iched in 2014) w/ rising C lvls + IDPs (interna11y displaced ppls) trying 2 make end5 meat az farmers resorting 2 such things as pig cheese > prob1em is there's 2 menny cooks in the kitchen + each chapter = sty1istica11y diffrent, not jiving + @ times D-volves in2 cliche crime fiction graphic novel/comic stuff > we dig the idea of graphic nove1s but seams weave never seen a graphic nove1 that is artfu11y done on all lvls

chow baloney

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