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Tributary #1: «Silver»—the silver plate inscribed w/ 25 w/ space enough for more if we dare or care


12/24/2021> stream #1 off Tributaries = «Silver», wich means the ntire album = offishally released!.. on th eve of Sound ƒuries 25th anniversary, the silver anniversary or «nozze d'argento» in Italian, the landgauge we'r sposed 2 b celebr8ing in rite now (in Sicily) until covid sent us packing back 2 D.C. where we recorded Tributaries earlier this year > the Silver river (Río de la Plata) is in Argentina (wich also means «silver» in latin) > the Silver river = so wide they don't know weather 2 call it a river, estuary, gulf, or «marginal sea» > hear's the lyrics:


down at the river’s edge
we cut our veins + bled
our blood turned from blue to red
we’re singing so we’re still not dead

a silver river runs thru our veins
the silver lining comes w/ rain
a sliver of hope, w/ each sunset
for that 1 day we’d say we met

we came of age in the ’80s
when no 1 cared the world was engulfed in flames

after the murmuring rumors
were divined from the sky
we walked to Silver Springs
to get a microphone + strings
we followed rock creek down
to the haunting drowning of sound

the silver plate inscribed w/ 25
w/ space enough for more if we dare or care

forged from the gold-leaf fountain of youth
from the vessel we’ll sip gin + vermouth
+ take 50 more river trips
dancing to the apocalypse

the stream we never crossed as kids
kissed us on the lips
in 1996
we crossed the river Styx
together in double sewerside
merrily we glide
as long as it is wide
may as well enjoy the ride

the silver plate inscribed w/ 25 w/ space enough for more if we dare or care

> «Silver» = r attempt @ writing a stupid-happy '80s pop song (or at least 1 that we cd dance 2 the apocalypse 2) > we added it last minute just 2 have an accessible upbeat track that ppl might actually like > musically pretty run-of-mill, standard tuning (except w/ top string down-tuned to G + we kept breaking the bottum string(s) of r mandolin + tuned the remaining 3 G-D-A)

> hear's the vide0:

> it was weird releasing these 1 x 1 in riverse order b/c as w/ r other albums it was intended 2 be streamed in it's entire-t wich 1 can now do, on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Youtube, Spotify, etc. > Njoy the ride! > we didnt release it on vinyl cuz it wd of bin hard b-ing in Italy + now w/ these supply chain issues but we did go all out 4 our advertising campain

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