by th time we'R naught heər we derive 0-pen life @ 14th ⊕ 3rd ⊕ NYC


2/27/22> yet 1 more palindrome post # 1001 # stop emordnilap e-ROM 1 yet
     > als0 #9 in binary #... #ing we Utile-lies in ISBN ...-.......-22-2
          > where we'R @ far az porting txt 2 In-D-zine /weave tran5furred 1st 8 REcords...
          naught dat we got th 4m down pat / still ain't 5sure waht 2 call IT...
                    (inform8ion teↄknowledgE)
               az always 5traddling th tite rope B-tween fiction + poITree
                    when it's neither ⊕
                         we just need 2 call IT ∫umping
                              specially if/when we 5ubmit x-cerpts 2 zines
> call IT hybrid if dat option = available
     tho more of-10 then naught, naught
          > a sorta code? artfool inform8ion?
          + IT aint ∫umping we can mimic hear
               ⊕ we cd but weed halve 2 hardcode IT

> 5peaking of code, s⌚ed Coda (★★★★) th other night... cd of bin bedder, acting was good + made u think abt deaf culture witch has always fascinated u5 / still wondering why more deaf ppl don't gravit8 2 writing / they say it's b/c writing = aurual, like u hear it in your head as U write / but we don't... ⊕ @ least we certainly don't ↄare abt what R stuff wd sound like 5poken out loud

> Last nite ⌚ed Shadows (★★★★), Cassavetes 1st film (1959) > intresting from an anthr0pillogical P.O.V., great footedge of NYC + it portrays black culture in a humun lite / ∫umping naught a lot of m∞vies we'R doing back then / Mploying black actors 4 sirius rolls... way ahead of it's time
     > then ⌚ed Ya No Estoy Aquí (★★★★) witch in glish they transL8ed 2 «I'm No Longer Here» but doesn't reəlly capture inUend0 of Ya = «already» but slang for «I» + u hear it a lot in Mexikin spanish 2 punctu8 things > it's abt thi5 «Kolombiano» subculture of kids in Monterrey who listen 2 slowed down cumbia music + wear baggy clothes + sport ridiculous hasidic rooster helmet haircuts + dance in a 5trange style dat is sorta Russian sorta Native Amerikin > th main kid (aptly named Ulises) ends up in Jackson Heights where he feels out of sorts but can't return to Mexico b/c he pissed off sum gang... again, has any 1 strung 2gether Shadows + Ya No Estoy Aquí az a dub-L feətsure?

> weave seen ∫um other stuff, but haven't bin blogging heər az muↄh, ⌚in Archive 81 (★★★) witch is sorta intresting b/c IT's abt media restoration + th main actor = intresting but it's 5tarting 2 digress more in2 horror/occult > on th elliptical or spin bike weave taken 2 ⌚ing Seinfeld, from biginning 2 end... in2 season 3 now /dat was ∫um funny 5hit

> a few dayz ago we walked 14th ave SW down south 2 the tip @ Hains pt / then up 15th 2 ⌂ > 2day we walked down 3rd st SE thru Capitol Hill down 2 th Potomac 8 a tangerine then bac up 4th st SE / past natl guards in unmarked cars staked on every 5treet coroner, gearing up 4 st8 of th Union ⊕ this dam convoy > nothing 2 report / DC = B9 / nothing much 2 look @ / we walk ju5t 4 exorcise

2/28/22> Ark Codex ±0 turned 10, published 10 yrs ag0 2day / crazy 2 think of Ark Codex az 10-yr old kid > reflecting back... shd we g0 back + read? is dat ∫umthing writer's do? weave nvr gone back + red ∫umthing weave rit'N / mu5ic on th other hand we lis-10 2 r tunes / Ark Codex = opposit of ISBN in a 5cense / Ark Codex = visual code who's fine-L product wa5 analog / ISBN = textual/code

3/1/22> 1st day of March / on train 2 NYC, somewhere B-tween B-more + Philly > reading An Open Life: In Conversation With Joseph Campbell > myth az meta4 1x removed: «The myth does not point to a fact; the myth points beyond facts to something that informs the fact.»











> arrived @ th new Penn stn whatever it's called + walked up to W 77th /saw the new mayor along the way > same ol' NYC, just more banks + pharmacies + covid testing sites

1000 <(current)> 1002 > water'5 fra¢tions / time = reasun 2 the5e riveted miles?
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