5kullfuct by Artifact 2 migr8 393,948 I-tems 2 a nu ma¢hene + C Gang of 4 in 3-D


3/4/22> 1st po5t on nu Macb∞k! came s∞ner than Xpected + ju5t in time az R old laptop's on IT's la5t legs, 0% battery left, can't unplug 4 more than 1 sec + yestrday felt a (g)host inside oper8ed th maↄhene remote > ©omputer az ultim8 thriver meme, may az well ju5t h∞k IT 2 R brain + let IT have @ IT / B-come 5lave 2 machene, let IT lure u5 in2 typing iSBN + 0, thi5 keybored's s0 much EZ-er 2 type on, th 1 on R old laptop 5tiↄking on ∫um lettərs ~ N + M but others kəys hard 2 gət 2 work ~ 5pa¢ebar... 5o mu¢h more fluid now, less brakedown B-tweən brain + 5creən + thi5s s¢rene = 16"... so much more r∞m 2 work w/ (granted IT ways more... hope it fits in R baↄkpack!... main impetus 4 getting IT wa5 b/c we'll B on th road 4 most of next year (tho we don't know whəre yet))

> actually we got R machene monday rite after th rental ¢ar fiasc0... g∞d thing we wa5 heər 2 recieve! arrived week b4 waht traↄking dada said > din't 0pen th box tel yeserday tho b/c we was 99% finished w/ Math Class + wanted 2 fire dat off 2 th printer b4 we B-gan 2 migr8 dada, witch wa5 fairly 5eamless > had a toetill of 393,948 I-tems 2 migr8, merrored th iMac «mothership», inheriting th ¢onfigur8ion > weed prepared R-5elf 2 toetilly give in 2 th cloud/time machene far az data axess/backup but IT ain't all dat we thunk IT wa5 + th hole Ap-L ID's a pane in the arse, couldn't axess R account b/c IT kept trying 2 txt us codes 2 a # we gave up ~ 10 yrs ag0 + no way 2 enter nu phone #... does n0body change fone #s n0 more? D-sided 2 5tick w/ backblaze + inherited backup st8 2 thi5 ma¢hene s0 now thi5 = mother5hip > wheel 5till use R iMac 4 5tuff ~ InD-zine

> did we mention we're still taking Italian le55ons? 2days lesson made us realize th word digital = D-rived from fingers (fingerprint = impronte digitali) > la5t nite saw Road to Roma , abt th making of Roma > we wasn't raised in D.F. como Alfonso Cuarón, but we lived in Mexico 79–82 + b4 dat 4 a year ⊕ 2 around 69—71, so cd kinda reL8 2 Cuarón's reflecting

3/10> 5aw Gang of 4 la5t nite... 1st con¢ert 5ince 4 ~2 yrs, 5ince the pandemic + couldn't of picked a bedder band 2 brake th ice, Gang of 4 5till killing IT after all these years... how old must they B? 5till rocking 5mall clubs > Xcept guitarist + co-founder Andy Gill who died in Feb 2020

new guitarist David Pajo



Jon King «playing» a micr0wave w/ a baseball bat






> txt-wise, red a few more pieces from Worsted, savoring every word > red Artifact by Germán Sierra , ⊕ rather we shd 5ay IT red u5, ⊕ rathr IT 5kullfuct u5, infected u5 w/ a ½-sillycone ½-carbone virus N-coded in tXt 4 &roids (+ in glish tho Sierra's mother tongue = 5panish), «freezed crystal plasma spelunking my guts» V-A phantom digits where «every path just leads to the next fork, never to an end» + even th0 publiↄhed in 2018 (by Inside the Castle) Sierra tells u5 «Getting vaccinated may be advisable» + what's more he writes of a Chinese deviliped viru—LiBaiXH90361—as th 1st artificial virus D-zine 2 carry N-coded in4mation.... «Fuck everybody, let the contamination spread!» > 1 of those b∞ks we'R jealous we din't publiↄh


1003 <(current)> 1005 > when I'm 64, will u 5till 5earch 4 «th ℝeəl me» in war-hole diaries?
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